Home Decor, Mini Master Makeover

The other day while I was making our bed I thought, “gee, these pillow shams look a little tired…”


I knew I didn’t want to redo the whole bedroom, no time or budget for that, plus I love the celery, black and cream palette that is in there.


It coordinates perfectly with the master bath which has been recently updated, so I only really needed some new pillows or shams.


The bathroom is neutral natural stone with some black granite accents {uba tuba, which has some green flecks}. It opens to the bedroom with arched french doors, so I pretty much have to stick with black and off white.


I have a sitting area with cream colored chairs that are accented with black cushions stitched with lime.


I like to sit here in the mornings and apply lotion after my shower and pretend I’m a princess…just KIDDING, but sometimes HH and I sit here and have a chat…


I love these chairs and the tropical leaves on the pillows are a daily reminder of my  favorite place, the coast.

Inspired by the current Ikat trend in fabric and all the bold prints currently popular I began my search for an Ikat type black & cream print.  I could not find an Ikat pattern that I liked in the right colors but I did find several prints.


When I started to make the new pillow covers, I realized I had miscalculated the fabric and didn’t have nearly enough.

Math isn’t my strong suit.

But! I had a better idea! I could get a solid black fabric for the backs of the pillows.  That would give them a more dramatic look and be a kind of frame highlighting the patterned fabric. So I went back out shopping and found a print that I liked even better!


Happy Accident!


I made simple fabric covers by stitching 3 sides of the fabric on my machine, turning it inside out, stuffing with the pillow and doing the fourth side with a hidden hand stitch.


Using the black on the pillow backs was economical too.  The fabric I bought for the Euro pillows was $30 a yard, but I only needed 1 1/2 yards to do the front.  The fabric was on sale, 50% off, so I got that for $22.  The black fabric was $6, and I used 3 yards, but was able to do the smaller pillow backs with the scraps.  In all I spent about $60 for all 5 pillows.


I think they look great!


HH even commented on how nice it looks…that NEVER happens!


I am going to use the other black & cream fabric to make some napkins or a table topper.  Even if you can’t sew, there are some great tutorials out there for no sew pillows. Click here for a great tutorial for a no sew pillow

I hope I’ve inspired you to do some redecorating…  Leave me a comment and tell me what you are up to!

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19 Responses to “Home Decor, Mini Master Makeover”
  1. Cindy says:

    Very pretty! I’ve always heard that every room should have touches of black…makes them regal. Your room is beautiful!
    Visiting from Met Monday.

    • hi Cindy, thank you so much! I visited your blog and saw your beautiful photos of the morning light, stunning. I tried to leave a comment but I don’t think it went through. Thanks for your visit,

  2. Those new pillow covers make all the difference in the world!!!!!!! Really! They really pepped up the bed! Your “happy accident” turned out so great!!! I turned our sitting room in the master suite into my dressing room. I told Ramon we have enough places in the house to sit….I need a place that isn’t gender neutral to call my own and put my girly stuff!!! And yes, it is SUPER girly in there with a chandelier, nail station (even though I don’t keep my fingernails pretty!), vanity….the whole enchilada! No Boys Allowed, either!!! 🙂 Is that a door that goes out onto a balcony in your sitting room??!?!?!? And I LOVE the window above your bathtub!!!!!! Lots of natural light in, but no way for people to see in…love it!

    • Thanks Alycia, your dressing room sounds amazing, you should do a post about it! I can only dream of that…I have a big walk in closet but it has a big support right in the center so there’s not much hope there! No, there isn’t a door out to a balcony, that would be so cool, it’s just a large window. The leaded window in the bathroom gives plenty of privacy, there is just woods back there. Have a great week, Jenna

  3. olgastardust says:

    Your space is exquisite!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment about my Ruffled Pillow Tutorial. Your pillows turned out wonderful. I love the two prints side by side and set against the celery walls and spread. Very pretty!
    Warmest Regards,

  5. Rondell says:

    Love the pillows that you made and your husband is right it does look so very nice! I love the black, creme and green! Visiting from Wow Us Wednesday!

  6. Your pillows are the perfect way to bring some change in your bedroom. They look great!!
    Mary Alice

  7. thecapeonthecorner says:

    love the black touches! looks like a much more sophisticated space…ah, the power of pillows, lol.

  8. Helen says:

    beautiful and very expensive looking 😉 thanks for sharing

  9. Love that lattice pillow print! Here from Stone Gable!

  10. misssuburbia says:

    A Master Bedroom restyled with color and decor makes you feel like you’re taking a vacation away from your own home! Love it!

  11. Love the little update with the pillows! Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  12. Linda says:

    Okay, you wowed us indeed! PINNED! Thanks for sharing this at What to do Weekends. Linda

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