Party Panache, Caramel Butterscotch Smoothie

January’s “Seasonal Sipper” is an adult smoothie, sure to warm you up  on a cold winter’s eve! This enticing cocktail has equal parts Bailey’s Irish Cream, Vanilla Vodka, and Buttershots, Butterscotch Schnapps.  A little drizzle of caramel on the inside of your glass and you won’t care how cold it is outside! With a tray … Continue reading

Seasonal Sipper, the “Alabama Frosty” aka the “Melted Snowman!”

The other night HH and HHjr and I were trying to create a seasonal sipper, a festive cocktail for the holidays…looking through the liquor cabinet, where all kind of random stuff accumulates, we found a bottle of chocolate vodka, some white chocolate Godiva liqueur, and some White Creme de Cacao…and the “Alabama Frosty” was born!  … Continue reading