Creations, Wine Cork Memento

This is a fun little craft project

anniversary cork 2

Take a champagne or wine cork, a little paint, beads and wire, and make an ornament or a memento

#1 cork

You can even use washi tape


I made this one for DD & NG when they bought their house.   We celebrated with champagne and I saved the cork and turned it into a special remembrance for them

champagne cork

I thought they would hang it on their Christmas tree

painted cork

Their address is painted on the bottom

champagne cork mememto

DD hung it on the door of her glass cabinet in the kitchen


I made this one from the cork of a bottle of Proseco that HH and I shared to celebrate the beginning of our 27th summer at our beach house last month

beaded wire hanger

I painted a white stripe around the cork and then painted anniversary on it.  You could use a sharpie marker for the text too~

anniversary cork

The cork came with this brightly colored metal cap which I secured with glue. I made holes in the cork sides with an awl {or use a nail or drill} and after twisting the wire and adding beads to match the cap colors I stuck the wire into the holes with a dab of my favorite glue


I am going to hang it on our little beach Christmas tree

anniversary cork 2

This black and white one is made with a button glued on top of a wine cork

hanging cork mememto

a strip of chevron washi tape around the bottom {add a dot of glue to keep it secure}

washi tape cork

and the wire hanger is actually a wire cage saved from a champagne cork and inverted

black & white cork

Fashion one to celebrate anything you want!

champagne cork

anniversary cork 1

And hang it in an unexpected place!

Thanks for spending time here today, I hope you will go have some fun creating something now!


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10 Responses to “Creations, Wine Cork Memento”
  1. memoriesbythemile says:

    What a cute and fun idea. Wow 27 years at the beach house, I bet you’ve made some great memories over the years.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  2. I love how you celebrate life…keep bringing it and showing us how to make the most of life.

  3. EVERYONE I know is going to get one of these fantabulous creations! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mary says:

    So creative and clever Jenna and what a fun way to commemorate a special occasion! Love the idea of hanging it on a Christmas tree or cabinet!

  5. This is such a great idea. I’m visiting from It’s Overflowing.

    Christy @ Creating a Beautiful Life

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