Tablescapes, A Sea of Texture

I am participating in a white table challenge at Cuisine Kathleen this week This is a huge challenge for me because normally everything I do is full of color~ We are allowed to use one accent color, but I decided to stay with all neutrals and try to achieve drama and impact by an array … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Chicken & Vegetable Enchiladas

When I don’t know what to make for dinner, my no-brainer, “go to” meal, is enchiladas.  They are so easy, you can put just about anything in them, and you can make them ahead of time.  So that was the plan.     I knew I had chicken in the freezer. I had tons of … Continue reading

Gifts From the Kitchen, Garlic Oil with Thyme

Has it rained alot where you live?  It has poured rain here almost everyday for months.  Now, I’m not complaining because I’ll take rain over a drought any day, but our garden is really confused.  We know nothing about gardening anyway, so we don’t need any extra challenges.  So far this year we have harvested … Continue reading

Recipe Box, BLT Pesto Tartine

I had lots of tomatoes so I thought, “Tomato Pie!” I’ll make a good ole summer tomato pie! All I had was puff pastry, which, because it had been re-frozen, wasn’t too cooperative I couldn’t get it to unfold, it was all stuck together…does that ever happen to you?  Seriously, tell me because this stuff … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Fresh Peach Cake

I have been dreaming about this peach cake for a while, I saw a beautiful photo of it on Pinterest…and couldn’t wait until fresh local peaches were abundant! Our recent simple summer brunch was the perfect occasion to make it~ Drop the peaches in a pan of boiling water for 30-45 seconds and the skin … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Bloody Mary Buffet

Wow, it’s hot!  We are pretty used to that in the South and we use plenty of A/C around here.  For this simple brunch I am going to keep things cool~ Come on over, the only thing that is going to heat up might be your Bloody Mary!  How spicy do you like it? Grab … Continue reading

The Organized Life, Behind the Curtain

Do you have a butler’s pantry? This is my fantasy butler’s pantry…..sigh…..I do have a butler, though! This is James, he’s Johnny on the spot with the 5 o’clock martini…another fantasy….but he is nice and quiet and he sure can keep a secret! In reality…this is my butler’s pantry baker’s rack… YIKES!  I really need … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Tuesdays I usually work in my studio all day and I have no time or energy to fix dinner, but I always want something satisfying.  Sometimes in the middle of summer I will get a mad craving for what is typically winter or holiday food.  Last summer I was craving Thanksgiving and I made Cranberry … Continue reading

Creations, Sea Shell Butter Pats

Because it’s summer, and because I love sea shells, and because I had some sea shell candy molds, well, you can guess from here You kinda, sorta, have ta, use your imagination a wee bit… See the herb butter poured into the cute molds? I used the Caramelized Onion Herb Butter than we had recently … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Moroccan Fantasy

Our anniversary is next week and we will be celebrating with 2 other couples at the beach.  That will be tons of fun, but I wanted to create a little romance… I decided to whisk HH off to Morocco for a romantic dinner for 2~ It all started with this innocent gold charger glass beads … Continue reading