Home Decor, Proud to be an American!

Like so many places, every year there is a  parade in our little coastal community for the 4th of July Our house is near the finish line so we have to make sure it looks festive! Come on in, friends often stop by after the parade There are decorations everywhere! This boat has been decked … Continue reading

Creations, Shrimp Bucket

Blogging has been such a great source of inspiration and creativity for me,  so today I want to give back a little and share some easy and fun ideas using galvanized buckets,  and show you how to paint them~ I am crazy about buckets, big, small, short, tall, they are so versatile.  And I have … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Serious Steak with Caramelized Onion Herb Butter

I think they thought it was Father’s Day… HH and HHjr went to do some errands and this is what they brought home… 2 “GIANORMOUS”, you know giantly enormous,  bone-in rib eye steaks… “I thought I’d make some Caramelized Onion Herb Butter to top these grilled steaks,”  HHjr said as he was putting a rub … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Vegetable Garden Table

June is a beautiful month in the South,  things are green and happy.  You don’t want to see my backyard  in August when all our blooms and  plants are struggling from the long hot summer days~ so I want to invite you over now while things are at their best~ It’s still nice enough to … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Garden Soup

I can’t wait until I can make this soup with vegetables from our garden! This is such an easy soup to make and is a wonderful summer meal~ Things are starting to grow! This is our first attempt at a raised garden and we got a late start, but it won’t be long now!  I … Continue reading

Creations, Raised Garden

We planted our first garden this year and it is so exciting.  I know, yawn, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway~ My husband and son are big DYIers. They almost never call a repair man, I have seen them fix just about anything.  They are competitive too, you know always trying to … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Summer Centerpiece Fun!

Don’t you love a wow factor, something totally unexpected on the table?   For anything from a simple meal to a special party,  it’s fun to surprise and delight your family or guests.   My favorite place for inspiration is the grocery store.  Although flowers are my passion, I often turn to other natural elements for … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Summer Salads

Summer equals salad, don’t ya think?  With hot temperatures and high humidity, nothing appeals to me more.  Here’s a couple of salad type dishes that are easy to make and full of flavor. One is a “salad sandwich”  and the other is a vegetable medley, a rainbow of colors and ingredients~ Let’s start with the … Continue reading

Recipe Box, “Firefly,” a summer cocktail in a jar

Have you ever heard of the drink called an “Arnold Palmer?”  It is 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 ice tea.   And in the south that ice tea is “sweet tea.”  Yes,  the southerners like their tea sweet.  You can use any kind of lemonade you like, for a home made version see Lemonade Dreams or click … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Lemonade Dreams

I have a confession to make.   This is really embarrassing.   All of our everyday china has gotten pretty shabby so I bought some plates in January at Home Goods.   That is not the confession or the embarrassing part.  Nope. I had seen this new lemon line around lately…so classic and pretty… So when I saw … Continue reading