Take-out Tuesday, Red White & Blue Recipes for You!

Here are 2 easy, do-ahead recipes that would be perfect for your 4th of July celebration, and some fun cupcakes for your summer events.   Whether you are traveling or staying at home, going to a picnic or a family reunion, a day at the lake or a beach weekend, these patriotic dishes of red … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Salad Topped Breadstick Pizza

This is my latest addiction.  This bread concoction which is kind of like a pizza…I wish I could take credit for this, but I first saw it on the Pillsbury website and then on  StoneGable, where Yvonne makes the most incredible food, and takes perfect pictures to set you drooling.  When I saw this, I … Continue reading

Tablescapes, 4th of July!

Santa? Nah….just an aging beach boy! A very patriotic aging beach boy He’s carrying a flag and a bucket of shells in his rolled up red shorts He sports a bright floral shirt and a red and white umbrella, with sunglasses perched on his hat Tip: the “tablecloth” is actually 4 bandanas laid on the … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day, A Manly Menu!

Sundays mean pork and barbeque around my house, the men in my life LOVE THE PIG~it’s usually a Boston Butt, cooked low and slow all afternoon.  Last Sunday was rainy so HHjr decided to try a recipe for ribs that begins in the oven and finishes on the grill.  This would be perfect for your … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Key Lime Parfait

Have you ever heard of a jello cake? You bake a cake Poke holes in it and then pour liquid jello over it….hhhmmmmmmm….I’m not a big fan of jello, especially lime green jello~ you remember Aunt Bethany’s jello mold in  Chevy Chase’s movie, Christmas Vacation? Ha, I’ve never felt the same way about jello since! … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Paper Parasols

I am loving all the bright colors everywhere right now, you see them in fashion, home decor and of course the beautiful flowers of summer~ I saw this fabric the other day and just had to have it! I had NO idea what I wanted to do with it…there wasn’t much left on the bolt, … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Chicken with Pasta & Basil Cream

I was working on an acrylic painting requested by a friend, when I decided to try this recipe from my Paint Bucket list this month. The title of this painting is 3 Crazy Chicks…Can you guess what the main ingredient of the recipe is? Big surprise, CHICKEN!     And cream, spices, pasta and basil.  The original … Continue reading

Creations, Wine Cork Memento

This is a fun little craft project Take a champagne or wine cork, a little paint, beads and wire, and make an ornament or a memento You can even use washi tape I made this one for DD & NG when they bought their house.   We celebrated with champagne and I saved the cork and … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Ode to the SeaShell

I have loved sea shells for as long as I can remember, they fascinate me with their beauty, detail and design. I have had this Fitz & Floyd china, Coquille, for a long time.  Coquille is french for shell. This pattern was made between 1984-1992.  It started my love affair with tablescaping~ It is a … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Savory Strawberry & Bacon Pizzette

I saw a recipe over at the Cafe Sucre Farine that sounded so intriguing,  Strawberry Balsamic Pizza with Chicken, Sweet Onion and Applewood Bacon. This blog is always full of sensational recipes, but some are a little labor intensive for me~ I tend to be lazy seek shortcuts~so let me share my version of the … Continue reading