Throwback Thursday, Summer Peach Salad

Like tomatoes and corn, fresh peaches really shine in the Summer months This roasted peach salad is a treat for lunch or a light dinner Peaches, prosciutto, brown sugar, balsamic glaze, pecans, butter and salad greens Do you know the quick and easy way to peel peaches? Drop them in boiling water for 1 minute, … Continue reading

Summer Dreams Salad

Our temps are really warming up and they have me dreaming of my favorite summer foods I can’t wait for fresh corn, ripe red tomatoes and the bounty of summer produce to arrive in the markets and stores I love to eat salad for dinner on warm days and this one is a favorite This … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Blueberry, Orange & Almond Spinach Salad

This is a lovely warm weather salad, full of fresh blueberries and mandarin oranges It’s light and refreshing and sure to tickle your tastebuds! Crisp romaine lettuce, baby spinach, mandarin oranges, cucumber slices, and fresh blueberries make up the salad Fresh orange juice, poppy seed dressing and sliced almonds top the salad Place the salad … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Peachy Spinach Salad with Bacon and Buttery Almonds

Here’s an easy and delicious salad, featuring ripe summer peaches, that is perfect for an end of summer dinner Baby spinach, romaine lettuce, fresh peaches, red grapes, crispy bacon, buttery almonds, bleu cheese and poppy seed dressing… Quite a yummy combination! With or without bacon, it’s a winning combo~ and if you don’t like bleu … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Bacon Wrapped Green Bean Salad

My favorite dinner in the summertime is a big salad To amp up an old Southern standby, Green Bean Bundles, which are small bunches of green beans wrapped in bacon, I made them into an easy satisfying salad Your microwave makes quick work of the prep Fresh green beans, in a ready to cook steamer … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, BLT Tortellini Salad with Pinot Grigio Vinaigrette

This do ahead salad is loaded with garden bounty, but you can make it any time of year You can cook the tortellini, corn, asparagus and snap peas ahead of time Toss together and refrigerate Go ahead and add the dressing and Parmesan Season with salt and pepper When it’s time to serve add chopped … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Cucumber Blueberry Crunch Salad

This refreshing and light salad is perfect for hot summer days~ It’s simple to make and is topped with buttery almonds for crunch and a tangy sweet homemade vinaigrette for flavor Crisp romaine, green onions, cucumber slices and fresh summer blueberries are combined for the salad Saute almonds in butter and brown sugar to caramelize … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Summer Peach Spinach Salad

Last week was so much fun, I had an active group at the beach house for 10 days! Everyone pitched in with the cooking, clean-up and menu planning We didn’t do anything fancy, just had fresh, good food One night I threw some chopped ripe peaches into a bowl of torn fresh spinach, crisp romaine … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Lazy Day Grape Salad

I have shared this recipe before, but its so perfect for summer meals and gatherings, it’s worth sharing again… Grapes are wonderful on their own of course by the handful or perhaps a glass of wine They are a delicious addition to salad Modern Waldorf Salad Even baked on a flatbread! Figgy Bleu Focaccia with … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Asian Peach Slaw, Salad or Pulled Pork Wrap

It’s Peach Season in Alabama! Chilton County peaches are a celebrated summer treat The peach water tower in Clanton Alabama, the hub of Chilton County, is an infamous landmark Sunday usually means BBQ ribs or Pork butt at our house For Monday leftovers I decided to jazz things up with an Asian Peach Slaw to … Continue reading