Party Panache, Watermelon on the Rocks

Sigh….watermelon… and “thank you” to the genius that created the seedless watermelon… Perfect for popping in a cocktail! Barcardi makes a Grand Melon Rum, for fabulous summer sipping It’s so good, all you need is some ice, and a piece of watermelon or two and perhaps a wedge of lime These glasses are called “Cool … Continue reading

Recipe Box, “Firefly,” a summer cocktail in a jar

Have you ever heard of the drink called an “Arnold Palmer?”  It is 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 ice tea.   And in the south that ice tea is “sweet tea.”  Yes,  the southerners like their tea sweet.  You can use any kind of lemonade you like, for a home made version see Lemonade Dreams or click … Continue reading

Party Panache, Creamsicle Mimosa

How about a mimosa? A Creamsicle Mimosa? Come on out on the porch have a seat it’s a little overcast today, but nice and warm perfect for a nice cool treat made with orange sherbet and champagne when you add the champagne it gets all foamy, creamy, dreamy let the sherbet melt into the bubbly … Continue reading

Party Panache, “The North Pole”

Here’s another Seasonal Sipper for you to try, we have named this one “the North Pole!” It is beyond delicious!  The elves will be MERRY indeed! Do I have your attention? I thought so! James, the butler is serving drinks tonight, he’s got one waiting for you by the Christmas tree My friend Alycia over … Continue reading