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We planted our first garden this year and it is so exciting.  I know, yawn, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway~

My husband and son are big DYIers. They almost never call a repair man, I have seen them fix just about anything.  They are competitive too, you know always trying to out do each other. Men!  Super Boy tags along everywhere they go, so it won’t be long before he’s trying to throw his 2 cents in too.

I think it goes back to HH’s parents, they are full German.  Determined, stubborn and thrifty!  HH’s mother is still going strong at 97.   She knits and sews for her 10 great grandchildren, reads steamy novels, drinks wine and plays bridge!

When something breaks around here, HH or HHjr will fix it or die trying.


When my cheap, centuries old iron started sparking and smoking the other day, I was going to chunk it.

HH says, “I can fix that!”  Uh oh, “Please honey, I’ll just get a new iron, I think I had this one in college…” Out comes the electrical supplies and he takes the cord apart, re-solders something,  re-wires it,  and what ever!  Don’t worry, I AM going to get a new iron…

It is handy to be married to Mr. Fix-it, but it is exhausting!  He keeps all the stuff to fix things too, plumbing supplies, water filters, pvc pipe, batteries, tools, he has an arsenal of it all!


Don’t contact PETA…he is a Dentist after all, and we kid him because he’s always drilling something~


It’s a plastic owl used to scare the birds from our boat.   The old one blew flew away {in a storm last week} You have to be prepared to fix lots of things in the harsh salt water climate at the beach~

When HHjr decided we needed a garden, you know to give his Dad something to do, I couldn’t wait to see how that would play out.  HH was not thrilled with the whole idea, might cut into his golf on TV time, but he went along.

There are kits available at Home Depot for making a raised garden but that would be too easy.   HHjr decided to make his own frame out of cedar, which is actually quite brilliant,  because it won’t rot.  If you use treated lumber, chemicals could leach into the soil.


He built a 4′ x 8′ frame and tucked it into a corner of our back yard where it’s mostly moss anyway.  It gets good sun and is out of the direct line of sight.


It took a while before he had a chance to fill it with planting soil {over a mesh liner}


We finally got it planted about a month ago…now when I say we,  I mean they, meaning HHjr and his Dad…I am just including myself because I want you to think that I garden…..  Which I don’t.  Too hot and dirty for me!  I can’t wait to reap the rewards though!


We have had rain almost everyday so everything is very happy in the little garden.  HHjr staked the tomatoes as they started to grow


and added tomato cages too


He saw some that he liked that were in bright colors but they were 4x the price of the plain metal ones, so he bought the plain ones and a can of light brown spray paint and painted them so they almost visually disappear.  Clever, I thought! Thrifty too!


I have already used the basil a lot, and made a batch of pesto today.  To see more info and an easy recipe for pesto click here


The zucchini have flowered so maybe it won’t be too long now…


There is a whole herb section with 3 types of basil, lemon thyme, parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, and chocolate mint.   We {ahem} planted bell peppers, okra, jalapenos, roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and tabasco peppers too.  HHjr brings Super Boy over often to check on things and he can’t wait to pick and eat the first crop…we shall see!

We are spraying with an organic spray and so far all the little critters that abound in the woods behind us are staying away and we are nibble free!


This week it’s all about the garden here at the Painted Apron, tomorrow I will show you how to make a delicious Garden Soup and Wednesday we will set the table and dine!  Thank you for your visit!

June is such a beautiful month!


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7 Responses to “Creations, Raised Garden”
  1. Emily says:

    What a great idea! I love the raised bed and I think I would love to try a mini vegetable garden this way. I enjoyed reading your really cute story. Your back yard is lovely with all the trees and shrubs, love that container with your flowers. I hope you got a new iron!

  2. This is very exciting….when I retire one of the first things I am doing too. Keep us posted.

  3. You made me chuckle with the story of Mr. HH fixing everything! It sounds a bit like my husband who loves to repair all the electronic stuff around the house 🙂 How lucky that you got to enjoy fresh vegetables, your whole garden is fabulous!

  4. hollybertone says:

    Love your garden – you will enjoy it for many years and have fun growing. Don’t forget to crop rotate each year. Hugs, Holly

  5. Mary says:

    You’re so lucky to be married to Mr.Fix-it and have a Mr. Fix-it Jr.! Your garden will be yielding the fruits of your (and their 🙂 labor in no time!

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