Creations, Easy Candy Corn Dress

Because I’m an idiot I made a Halloween dress for CC 12 sizes too small and I had to start just about all over again


I kept thinking,  oh that’s way too big and I cut it smaller, took big seams and even a huge tuck.


By the time I finished it looked like a doll’s dress…Even HH said, does she wear pants with that?  it looks a little small…

candy corn dress

It is really an easy dress until I made it complicated!


See that orange stitch line down the back? That’s where I took a giant tuck because I thought it was way too big.  Like I know better than McCalls!  I bought a pattern to use as a guide, but apparently I didn’t want to trust the sizing!

I also didn’t follow it exactly, I didn’t want rows of ruffles, just 2 gathered bands of color.  I made the bodice and upper back according to the pattern, sewing ribbons into the shoulder seams, so when the pieces were turned right side out the shoulders were finished and ready for tying bows.


I cut one long piece of orange for the middle ruffle, gathered it to fit the bodice pieces and sewed them together


I repeated this step with the bottom yellow ruffle, machine hemming the bottom yellow edge and then gathering the opposite edge to sew to the orange ruffle

candy corn dress

Then I simply sewed up the open side seam and viola! Candy Corn dress!  For a newborn.  CC is wearing 12 month size.  I think mine turned into a size 1 month.  Whoops.


I was able to reuse the bodice, taking out the giant tuck I had made in the back, so that saved a lot of time and trouble

candy corn dress

Then I added new bigger orange and yellow ruffles and again sewed up the side seam.  That’s better!


As I was pondering what to do with the too small dress piece I had an idea~


If I pulled the gathers into a tight circle, it could almost be…


a hat! Yes, most definitely a hat!

candy corn hat

Now, tell me that’s not adorable!  A rubber band and a little ribbon and poof!


Little Miss Candy Cane is born!


Now I was actually delighted I made the first dress 12 sizes too small!


This dress pattern would be cute in any combination of fabrics, I want to try another one soon, this time sticking to the size guide lines indicated by the pattern!  This dress start to finish only took a couple hours.

I sure am going to miss playing with candy corn next week, don’t you just love Halloween fun??


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5 Responses to “Creations, Easy Candy Corn Dress”
  1. lulu says:

    First of all, you get kudos for making the costume, then extra ones for thinking of a clever solution for the too small piece.

  2. Cutest candy corn I have ever seen!

  3. It turned out great, bet she looks adorable in it! Wish I had a dollar for every time I thought a pattern or recipe just couldn’t be right… Then re-do it:@) Happy Halloween Week!

  4. Mary says:

    SO cute Jenna and you got a hat for all your efforts too! Hope you’re taking a picture of your little Miss Candy Corn! I’d rather play with candy corn than eat it 🙂

  5. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Oh my goodness, this is so cute. What a creative idea. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

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