The Organized Life, October Paint Bucket

New seasons mean different foods and Fall especially means lots of exciting things to make and try! Here is my October bucket list of recipes that I hope to make or get ideas from for new creations~ APPETIZERS ASPARAGUS PUFF PASTRY HAM PARCELS SANDWICH SUSHI TOMATO BACON CHEESE MELTS from Once Upon a Plate HARVEST … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Save the Ta-Tas!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and I am dedicating this post to 3 very important and amazing women in my life.  My sister-in-law, PP~a BFF, VM~ and my niece CTS.   My SIL and BFF struggled and brilliantly fought breast cancer and have been in remission now for over 10 years.  My niece has … Continue reading

Creations, Burlap Candy Corn Mats and Easy Candy Cookies

Visions of candy corn have been dancing in my head!  All of a sudden I am crazy over the stuff~nnnnnoooo, not to eat, but to decorate with… This idea just lept into my head the other night…candy corn burlap place mats The hardest part of this project was designing the layout for easy spray painting … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Apple Pear and Walnut Gorgonzola Galette

Not everything I cook turns out, anyone who cooks, knows that recipes can fail or disappoint Those are the ones I don’t talk about or post because I want you to TRUST me I only post recipes that I have made for my family and friends that were really enjoyed The mediocre ones don’t get … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Snow White & the Poison Apple

I’m joining the Apple Table challenge over at Cuisine Kathleen this week. Since we are all getting in the swing of Fall I couldn’t resist adding in a little Halloween fun… I have these plates and HH eats apples every day {the health benefits are astonishing, you can read more about it here} and somehow … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Apple Walnut Pie Fries with 2 sauces

This recipe is so much fun, so silly easy, and has SO MANY possible variations my head is spinning with ideas~I bet yours will be too! Do I have your attention? OMG Apple pie filling, walnuts, pie crust, more apple pie filling and caramel sauce.   Enough said, let’s get busy! Puree the apple pie filling … Continue reading

Creations, Burlap Owl with a Ball Jar

I hope you won’t be disappointed…Super Boy did not help me make this owl….I woke up the other day with this overwhelming urge to make an owl and I just couldn’t wait~ Strike while the iron is hot and all that… This is truly a 15 minute craft Unless the plumber is at your house … Continue reading

Recipe Box, BBQ Salmon & Sinful Scalloped Potatoes

In celebration of Alabama’s big game win last weekend, HHjr wanted to cook a special feast~ okay, twist my arm 🙂 He has cooked this at our house before and I have witnessed guests sneaking into the kitchen after dinner and cramming finger fulls of this into their mouths.  Really! HHjr said that people have … Continue reading

Party Panache, Apricot Pineapple Gorgonzola Cheese Spread

I like to go to the grocery store alone.  I have to think.  HH loves to go to the grocery store and often insists on going with me.  While this is challenging   sweet, and often annoying  helpful,  he’s not a shopper.  He would never impulse buy, ever.  This is a good quality, but he … Continue reading

Home Decor, Late September

As much as I love seasonal decorating, I have to be careful not to do too much too soon or it will drive me crazy.  I am slowly putting summer away and bringing Fall into focus. Do you have a lantern, maybe on your porch or patio?  They look so great full of anything.  Fill … Continue reading