Trick or Treat! Snickers Pot Pie!

Happy Halloween! Belly up to the bar and have a glass while the Snickers Pot Pie is baking! Things are busy today Astronauts are carving pumpkins! You have to be fearless! Pumpkins just look scary! Danger is brewing in the kitchen We’re making Snickers Pot Pie! The snickers must be totally buried in dough Then … Continue reading

Creations, Burlap Wine Wraps

I have had a real love affair with burlap lately! The last time I went to buy some, the salesperson said they were out~ “Isn’t that a bolt over there?” I pointed to a low shelf where I remembered I’d seen some before.  “Oh, we must have gotten more in,” she said… “Great! I’ll take … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Autumn Favorites

These recipes are 3 favorites of mine from last Fall and I want to share them with you again because they are perfect for this time of year! Mini Pumpkin Bundt cakes with Brown Sugar Glaze and a Caramel Pecan Acorn would be a tasty treat for anytime of day~ they would be wonderful for … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Bleu Cheese Bruschetta with Apple & Bacon

Apple recipes abound these days! Caramel Apple this, apple pie that, and then I saw Apple Brie Bruschetta with Bacon, Honey and Pecans over at Rattlebridge Farm I was in love~this was the first thing that appealed to me since having the stomach bug, a hideous experience~ Yes! Life was good again! But, me of … Continue reading

Creations, Easy Candy Corn Dress

Because I’m an idiot I made a Halloween dress for CC 12 sizes too small and I had to start just about all over again I kept thinking,  oh that’s way too big and I cut it smaller, took big seams and even a huge tuck. By the time I finished it looked like a … Continue reading

Redecorating means 4 minute chicken

This time of year starts to get hectic for all of us, the holidays coming up, cooking and decorating~so I am going to be doing lots of quick and easy things, we all need shortcuts during busy days… My kitchen is currently a sea of turkeys~ about to trot off to holiday tables~ with a … Continue reading

Party Panache, Last Minute Halloween Goodies

Need some last minute goodies for some Halloween fun? How about some cheese pumpkins or a cheesy broom? Halloween sweet kebobs or a jar full of treats? Nothing labor intensive at this point, just fun! I used some cheese spread for the pumpkins, and shaped them into roundish pumpkin shapes Cut some groves with the … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Craving Pizza?

Here’s a couple of super easy dishes that are sure to satisfy your “pizza tooth.” The first one is very similar to my Salsa Bread recipe, using marinara sauce instead of salsa and tossing in some pepperoni with cut up biscuit dough. Barb over at Everyday Home recently posted her version, you can make it … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Corn & Spinach Queso

Happy Accident? Sorta, but I really thought this would be good. It was one of those, Uh Oh! I was supposed to make an appetizer, situations… What with entertaining witches and goblins and Halloween ghosts~it just slipped my mind… I needed something fast~ And it simply could not be easier! I’m almost embarrassed to share … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Croissant Brunch Casserole

6 croissants, some ham, cheese, milk and eggs~ And you have a scrumptious brunch casserole in the making I combined several of my favorite and classic recipes for this casserole, ham and cheese croissants, baked ham and cheese party rolls, and monte cristo sandwiches. In the popular Ham and Cheese Party Sandwiches recipe, butter and … Continue reading