Take-out Tuesday, Autumn Favorites

These recipes are 3 favorites of mine from last Fall and I want to share them with you again because they are perfect for this time of year! Mini Pumpkin Bundt cakes with Brown Sugar Glaze and a Caramel Pecan Acorn would be a tasty treat for anytime of day~ they would be wonderful for … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Apple Pear and Walnut Gorgonzola Galette

Not everything I cook turns out, anyone who cooks, knows that recipes can fail or disappoint Those are the ones I don’t talk about or post because I want you to TRUST me I only post recipes that I have made for my family and friends that were really enjoyed The mediocre ones don’t get … Continue reading

Take out Tuesday, Mushroom Lasagna

Do you need a fresh idea for a Thanksgiving side dish? This Mushroom Lasagna is an elegant choice for any occasion.  It is rich, BUT, it can easily be served in small portions and is a lovely compliment to any meat.  We have had it with Grilled Salmon, as a main dish with salad, as … Continue reading