Creations, Farmer’s Market Seasonal Chart

When I saw this seasonal produce chart over at Home is Where the Boat is, I just knew I had to make one for myself…this one is for North Carolina

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.34.08 PM

With a few googles I landed on and bingo, found this seasonal chart for Alabama

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.37.11 PM

There are lots of charts available to view on line, click here to see more and find one for your area

I simplified the list of crops to just include my favorites,  and started with a pencil grid


I chose 16 fruits and vegetables to list down the left side, with 9 months across the top


I hand lettered the information.  You can print out the words in a favorite font to use as a guide to go by

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 5.15.25 PM

I use this font a lot in my painted pieces because you can squeeze just about any word into any space with the high/low pattern of letters


Next, I did some quick sketches of the various fruits and vegetables


and started filling in the chart~ Apples are in peak season from mid August to early Oct in Alabama


Artichokes are in season March to May


and on it goes


I chose to use colored pencils for this chart and just like my painting methods, I use several colors to create interest and depth.  The blueberries and broccoli get light highlights before they are colored with deeper blues and greens


The highlight areas are generally the areas near the top of the object where it catches the most light as in the eggplants below


Then the color will deepen as it enters the shadows and less lit areas


The peaches got a little red and pink first, then orange and yellow goes over all to blend and create the fresh peach colors


simple shapes, pops of color


tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini

corn, eggplant beans

When I finished filling the chart in, I erased the pencil grid, highlighted the fruit and vegetable names with color and darkened the month letters


farmers market chart

It’s easy to see at a glance when is  the best time to buy!

PicMonkey Collage

Fruits and Vegetables are not only good for our bodies, they are good for the soul~ looking at beautiful fresh produce is like going to an art museum, a rainbow of colors, textures and shapes~mother nature’s crown jewels!

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9 Responses to “Creations, Farmer’s Market Seasonal Chart”
  1. Mary says:

    You’re too talented and creative Jenna, what a fun hand-colored chart and art for your kitchen wall or fridge! I love your lettering and artful renderings of your stylized fruits and veggies! You make it looks so easy too, my eyes cross just thinking about making the grid on the paper, precision is not my forte 🙂 I was looking for a fall quote for my chalkboard door and your font would make it a little easier to to fit it in…IF I practice enough!

  2. lulu says:

    You are too much. Never could I put this together in such a clever artistic way. Tour talents abound!

  3. Liz Mackie says:

    Thank you – a great idea.

  4. You need to get prints made and offer this for sale! I will be your first customer!

  5. Erika says:

    Your lettering and artwork is so pretty!! I would buy a printable of that and have it framed for my kitchen!

  6. Happier Than A Pig In Mud says:

    Your chart turned out so cute! Looks like it’s time for apples and pumpkin everything:@)

  7. CraftyHope says:

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to pop over here. I have to say it was worth the wait though! This chart is ingenious and so, so adorable! I’m so glad you shared it in my link up. Thank you! 🙂

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