Tablescapes, Chasing Winter Blues

I am chasing away the winter blues today

winter blues

With a cheery little table top

winter blues 4

Cabo melamine plates came out to play

winter blues 8

It can be warm if the wind does stop

winter blues 13

Wind off the water can make it seem cold

winter blues 7

But when the sun comes out things turn liquid gold

winter blues 5

We’re so grateful we don’t have snow, we cheer!

Life is better at the beach

It was the end of January when we were snowed in last year

winter blues 12

With warmer temps and no rain in the forecast

winter blues 11

We came to the coast for some alone time, at last

life is better on an island

The winter sky is a little cloudy and gray

winter blues 11

But you can still catch a good sunrise


or sunset many a day


Life is better here at the beach,  you have to agree

Life is better at the beach

There is just nothing more pleasant than a view of the sea


Here’s crazy HH doing his annual January “polar bear” dip  [both air and water temps about 55 degrees]


 Juicy Details

Try a cute rug for a table runner~this fun shaggy throw is set on a diagonal with mats on top

throw rug and mats

I am not a fan of plastic plates, but with 3 young grandchildren and an active outdoor lifestyle on the coast,  DD decided it was time to get practical and she gave me a set of  dinner and salad plates for Christmas. They are so pretty, they look like handmade ceramic plates~you can’t tell they are plastic until you pick them up~

winter blues 9

Cabo melamine plates/Pottery Barn here

Rope outdoor dinnerware/Pottery Barn here

mix:match flatware

Mix patterns and pieces to keep things interesting.  These flatware sets were purchased at discount stores [Home Goods and Olde Time Pottery I think] last year

Aqua bubble bowls/Home Goods last year

stemless “Life is better at the Beach” glasses/JMdesigns

south glasses

Life is always better in watercolor too!  Painting is quick and effortless with the Waterlogue app for iPad, iPhone

Painted in Waterlogue

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are today!


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27 Responses to “Tablescapes, Chasing Winter Blues”
  1. Lynn says:

    Very warm colors Jenna, looks like a beautiful setting! I’m ready for a little warmer weather myself… Or maybe I’d settle for just having the snow all melt away:@)

  2. Candy S says:

    Bring on those Summer Blues – Gorgeous colors!!! The table looks like a lovely summer day to me. I miss living in Florida, especially when we are in the middle of a winter storm here in Ohio. Thanks for warming my eyes up a bit! (my feet are still cold though)

  3. Lorraine says:

    So pretty and what a lovely view you have from your deck! Anything under 65 degrees feels like winter to me. I can’t wait to shed the socks, gloves and jackets and start wearing flip flops and capris again. Winter in Alabama looks and feels like an endless Pennsylvania November. I can’t wait for some warmer temps, greener grass and fuller trees.

    • Me too! We’re pretty spoiled here in Alabama 🙂 Just be glad you don’t have to shovel snow anymore! I was hoping to stay after the weekend so I could come to the meeting this week, but had to get back to B’ham…one of these months I am going to get to Fairhope! Have fun~

  4. Kim says:

    What a great place of escape, Jenna! You are blessed. Seeing your HH swim makes me shiver! I’m grinning over your new plates. (DD did so good!) Since visiting Pottery Barn in ATL last summer and salivating over those rope melamine plates, I’ve visited on line several times to pine for them. I can’t say I really need them and couldn’t commit to a color, so in the end talked myself out of buying any. It’s wonderful to enjoy yours! 🙂 The rug idea adds such texture, too. We’ve got cool temps and rain all day, but maybe Mr. Sun is on his way!

    • Thanks Kim, we’re back in Bham reality and freezing this morning…yes, we are so lucky to have that getaway spot. Let me say that the PB plates are worth the spurge, and I think they’re on sale now~ I am crazy about them. My daughter gave me 4 aqua rope plates and 4 cobalt, so I will have lots of ways to play~ I don’t know what I’d do in a PB outlet, I remember reading about your trip, how much fun!

  5. That table would definitely chase away my winter blues, especially when you are overlooking that gorgeous view! I love the tablescape and that is one of my favorite color combinations…what a great idea to use a rug for a runner!…

  6. Rosie M. says:

    Hi, Jenna! LOVE this table!! Those PB dishes are BEAUTIFUL! I love your color combinations. It’s all so cheery and pretty. What a spot to have a meal……I’ll be right over! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  7. Velva says:

    This makes for a beautiful tablescape. Blues and greens with yellow splashes makes for a warm inviting table.


  8. Marigene says:

    What a beautiful setting for a blue and green table…you know I love this one. I am shivering seeing your HH in the water, though! I have seen really beautiful melamine dishes in the past year that I had to actually pick up as it looked to be ceramic…I almost bought some…maybe this summer I will.
    Have a wonderful week, Jenna.

  9. Gail says:

    Love the poem. Thanks for sharing a closeup of the limey/yellowy shag rug-I couldn’t determine exactly what it was when the table was fully set

  10. laurie says:

    Jenna, the whole time I was looking at this pretty table, I was wondering what that neat thing was under everything. I would have never guessed it was a rug. What a clever idea. Your table looks so pretty. I have a few sets of melamine, and I am amazed at how pretty they are. Those bowls in the first picture look gorgeous. Of course, the view isn’t bad either. Yes, life is definitely better at the beach.

  11. janetlea62 says:

    Just Beautiful! I LOVE those colors! You have made a beautiful table and the view is wonderful. I am jealous!

  12. Mary says:

    Jenna, I can feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face! Gorgeous table, I love your melamine plates and the beautiful combination of cool blues and greens! It’s been too cool here for outdoor dining and the wind has been whipping across the water the past couple of days. If it’s going to be cold, I’d just as soon have a little snow. Attention Mother Nature: the key word is ‘little’ 🙂 Beautiful sunset…*sigh*

  13. I found you on the Blog Hop. I have enjoyed your post I would love that swimming pool right about now. Jo

  14. Bev says:

    Beautiful and restful…I love all the combination of blues!

  15. Nellie says:

    What a great tablescape, love it… is so cheery and such beautiful colors, so perfect for the beach. Nice you could get out of the snow for awhile I am sure.
    Love the sunrise and sunset pictures too. We love to go to the beach too, it is the most restful
    vacay you can get…………
    Thanks for sharing this lovely table. so enjoyed it.
    blessings, Nellie

  16. Catherine says:

    Jenna, I’m in love with everything about this table! It’s amazing! Have a wonderful 2017!

    Smashing Plates Tablescapes

  17. No sun here 🙁 …what a fun table. I especially like the mix/match flatware! And what a clever idea using a rug (At the beginning of your post I kept peeking to see what it was!). Enjoy the sun!

    • Nor here either, I wrote that post several years ago! We are further north in our Birmingham Al home this weekend and snow is in our forecast! Hope to head to the coast next week and warm up! Thanks Patti- >

  18. Now you have GOT to know that us Midwesterners are laughing so hard about that “Polar Bear Plunge” in 55 degree water in January!!!!!!! If anyone would try to dive in around here, they’d have themselves a nice little concussion from the ice and a souvenir bruise on their noggin!!! I love this tablescape! It is just such a nice retreat from all the stuff we see around here in winter. The perfect decor to chase away those WInter Blues! Have a great weekend and stay toasty!!!

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