Creations, Painting Shamrocks

Lucky you, today you can paint your own 4 leaf clover!

painting shamrocks

No more back breaking searches for the elusive green lucky charm, now you can paint your own whenever you want!

cheese hearts 2

To paint a shamrock, or a 3 or 4 leaf clover, you just need some hearts

4 leaf clover

Painting hearts is easy, if you need a refresher course you can see Painting Hearts here

cheese hearts

A shamrock, or clover, is formed simply by turning the hearts, and placing points together

cheese 4 leaf clover

See how easy it is?

painting shamrocks

You can use paint, markers, chalk ink pens, whatever you like


I used 2 green Sharpies for these sketches

S pattern

The “S” pattern is a good fill pattern, just make the S shape over and over, changing the S position, until the space is filled

mini treat bag

Polka Dots are always cute

St Patricks Day treasure bags

I’m giving my two favorite little leprechauns these mini treat bags full of a few little surprises

pot of gold place setting

Pinch Me clothespins are easily made with paint and clothespins


Spray or brush paint on the clothes pins and add words with a paintbrush or the point of a paint pen nib

pinch me clothes pins

Now that you’ve mastered shamrocks, treat yourself to a Bailey’s Cupcake to celebrate!

Baileys cupcakes 2

Juicy Details

To see the recipe for these Cheesy Chive Shamrocks click here

Baileys & clover

You might also want to try Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Parfaits here

Baileys parfaits

Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream Glaze here

Bailey's glazed pound cake

mini white handled bags/ Hobby Lobby

Go Green!


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14 Responses to “Creations, Painting Shamrocks”
  1. Lynn says:

    A nice big piece of Bailey’s Irish Cream Cake sounds good with a hot cup-o-java right about now Jenna! Lot’s of snow here today:@)

  2. Rosie M. says:

    Thank you for this post, Jenna. I love your step-by-step directions. You make it so easy to look like an artist! I’m making these shamrocks today for cards I’m sending to my grandkids! Thanks again, Rosie

  3. Too cute! I love the way you deconstruct the process of painting these things. And I will have a nice chunk of the cake, thank you! Where did you find those chalk paint pens?

    • hi Ellen! I got my chalk ink pens from, but they might have them at Hobby Lobby, I just haven’t looked~ they work great on chalkboards, comes right off with windex…they work on other surfaces too, lots of fun to play with! Sitting here hoping the power stays on during yet another winter storm scare 🙂 Stay cozy~

  4. lulu says:

    I’m thinking St. Patty’s Day is going to sneak up on me and I’ll have nothing green though I am tempted by your chive shamrocks.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Jenna, how clever to turn the cheesy hearts into a shamrock! I am wanting to eat that shamrock! I bet it smelled fabulously!

  6. chrisscheuer says:

    What a great little tutorial. You make it looks so easy that I think I could even do it. And I’d love to reward myself with one of your cupcakes!

  7. Rattlebridge Farm--Foodie Friday & Everything Else says:

    What a great post. Love your hand-painted bags–and the food is magnificent@

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