Home Decor, Fresh Vignettes

Nothing brings instant freshness to a space like flowers…but you don’t have to spend a fortune~

Put together whatever you have available…

kitchen vignette thepaintedapron.com

This kitchen arrangement includes herbs from the garden, basil and parsley, with some blooms and citrus, placed in a variety of jars and vases on a ceramic tray

herbs and hydrangeas thepaintedapron.com

This arrangement uses flowers and citrus also

daisies & poms with fruit thepaintedapron.com

The yellow vase is elevated on a ceramic tier which holds fruit and additional blooms tucked in around the base.  Candlesticks hold additional blooms instead of candles.  The bright blue runner {2 kitchen towels} really sets off the green and yellow, making a dramatic statement

pears, poms and daisies thepaintedapron.com

You can see more photos on Pears Poms and Daisies here

bloomin Ball jars thepaintedapron.com

A black runner adds instant drama and sophistication to these pink and white jars,  but when these same jars are set on a white tray, they look  sweet and dainty             see Bloomin Ball Jars here

painted Ball jars thepaintedapron.com

An easy way to add a WOW factor is to repeat a single bloom in a grouping of bottles or bud vases like on  Sunflower table

sunflower centerpiece thepaintedapron.com

Here’s an easy way to create a large bouquet display with a grouping of jars and vases


You can get a big effect with less stems, see Ball Jar Bouquet here


Bright colors and the unexpected, such as these roses in a “paint can,” provide interest and energy

see Little Miss Fancy Dines here

pink rose collage thepaintedapron.com

Combining vegetables with flowers sparks interest.    These Radishes and Roses are surrounded by kale leaves and Swiss chard

radishes and roses thepaintedapron.com

Don’t forget eggs!  See the “how to” on Fun with Flowers here

tulips & eggs thepaintedapron.com

Eggs are perfect to use for a brunch or breakfast setting like Bloody Mary Buffet

eggs for breakfast thepaintedapron.com

Colorful vegetables piled high in the kitchen can be enjoyed as eye candy before they’re eaten

chicken centerpiece thepaintedapron.com

Tomatoes, garlic, onion and potatoes are happy to stay on the counter until needed

bunny garden centerpiece 7 thepaintedapron.com

Bunny Buffet  delicate vegetables can be refreshed with a cold water mist spray to last for several hours

centerpiece server thepaintedapron.com

It’s hard to resist a plate stand full of fruit and pastries, as in Autumn Gathering here

melon basket centerpiece thepaintedapron.com

And you can always turn a watermelon into a fruit salad basket, see Watermelon Basket here


Use a large tray or basket to make a Functional Centerpiece full of colorful fruit,  plates and utensils.  Everything handy and accessible,  ready to grab and go~


Or Crates Full of Spring spill out vegetables ready for cooking!

Look around and see what you have~ take something fresh and create some magic!


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21 Responses to “Home Decor, Fresh Vignettes”
  1. Jodi says:

    Beautiful creative ideas !

  2. Stacey says:

    Great ideas!

  3. Julie says:

    Hi Jenna, wow I love all of these ideas for decorating with flowers! I featured you today at our Cooking & Crafting with J & J for you watermelon pie recipe. I hope you will join us again for our link up party! Thanks again and have a nice day.
    Julie xo

  4. Julie says:

    Good morning Jenna, thanks for sharing this flower inspiration at our Cooking & Crafting with J & J!

  5. Judy Pimperl says:

    What a pretty post! I especially love the roses and radishes!

  6. Mary says:

    Thanks for the floral centerpiece and inspiration Jenna! I love mixing flowers with veggies or fruit from the produce department 🙂

  7. Madonna says:

    You are very creative Jenna. I would love any one of the vignettes.

  8. Marigene says:

    So many fun ideas…I love your artist’s eye!

  9. Lynn says:

    I love edible centerpieces:@) All fun ideas!

  10. Kim says:

    Beautiful ideas! My favorite is the chicken wire crate of eggs and tulips. 🙂

  11. Beautiful, every single one!

  12. Emily says:

    I love all these great ideas Jenna. Favorites are the bunny and the roses and radishes.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. JESS44903 says:

    Aww. I love how all these turned out! Such great ideas!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

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