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We haven’t had a direct hit from a major hurricane in our section of the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Ivan in 2004.  There were no pictures or photos for days as we wondered if our little island was completely underwater.  Finally, as the first reports were coming out and we watched a woman being interviewed on the news, we realized it was our neighbor!  She stayed through the storm because of her pets

Her house, directly across the street from us, was still there.  She described how far the water rose and we knew that it had risen significantly on both sides of our house, but that our house was still standing.  We lost our boats, boat house and the roof of our house.  We had to gut and rebuild.  But we were lucky, we could rebuild…and we had another home

I will never forget the walls of debris, 8 feet high, lining both sides of the all the roads in Orange Beach…I will never forget the intense fear and heart-wrenching hours, worrying not only about our house, but our friends, our community and everyone’s safety…

Our brave neighbor, the one that rode out the storm, is now forever known as the Hurricane Lady

You can read about our rebuild here.  I wrote that post in 2013, so there have been a lot of changes since then, but you will see the dramatic before and afters inside.  The outside was pretty much untouched and intact.


After watching Hurricane Harvey closely, we quickly were reminded how fickle hurricanes can be and how they can literally change in intensity, speed, and direction in mere hours



On Saturday we were in prep mode, discussing what had to be done



On Sunday the forecast was for the storm to turn north into the Atlantic, so we relaxed a little



On Monday the storm was heading more into the Gulf and we debated about prepping then or waiting a few days



On Tuesday we were making plans to secure everything and leave by Friday or Saturday



On Wednesday we woke up to find another shift in the forecast, with the storm turning away from us with the major part of Florida in the path as well as Georgia and the Carolinas

But this too, can change, so we began packing up. We were planning to leave early next week anyway, so we started to get ready just in case



Our son was planning to come down today to help with the heavy work of moving furniture to safety and securing the boats, but by yesterday afternoon we felt confident that we were out of danger

But you always have to be ready to go in case things shift



We are lucky



We have another home to go to



We have insurance



But we are always terrified when there is a hurricane in the forecast



We love every memory and seashell our children have found and treasured


This is really our home, our babies have grown up playing in the white sand and blue water,

It’s not fancy or big, it’s just full of love and memories.  This brings our family together.  This is where we watch our grandchildren grow.  This is where we want to be…

Yes, it’s just a structure, and things can be replaced, but that doesn’t make it any easier

We are praying that the storm will continue to pull away from the coast into the Atlantic



Please keep everyone impacted by these storms in your prayers and give if you can…


I  pray you are not in harm’s way, stay safe  ❤️

🏝   💨   🌊   🏝   💨   🌊

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35 Responses to “Home Decor, Hurricane Watch”
  1. Well, I’m happy for you that it appears to be safe….for now. The hardest part is all these states in a state of emergency, and everyone trying to decide…my sister is driving up from Beaufort SC today to be out of harm’s way here in WV.
    Thoughts and prayers for all those in the potential paths. I can’t imagine the stress this must put on people who reside in these areas!

    • Thanks Rita, we are safely out of danger, but so many aren’t. This is going to have impact on so many lives for years, just like Harvey. I’m glad your sister is getting out, and hopefully you won’t feel the affects of the storm in WV

  2. Wow…just went back and read about your renovation after a hurricane – Storms can be so devastating! I hope this storm doesn’t harm your beautiful beach home. Stay safe!

  3. Ricki Treleaven says:

    So much uncertainty with these storms. I’m praying that God’s hand will push it out into the Atlantic where hopefully it will dissipate. Jenna, I hope it doesn’t follow Ivan’s path.

    It looks like y’all have a good plan should it take a turn towards our Alabama beaches. Stay safe, My Sweet Friend!

    Ricki Jill

    • We feel so lucky this morning, yet sick with worry for everyone in Florida and the Carolinas, and we’re praying hard that the storm is pulled more out to sea. I can’t imagine the devastation throughout those small islands it has already hit…

  4. North Carolina was put on a state of alert this morning, even the mountains as most of the tracks for Irma have it taking aim on the mountains as the end of the track. We have had them before, notably in 2004 with Charlie, Francis and Ivan all ending up going over the western NC mountains bringing massive flooding and power outages. It happened once in 2010, so we are bracing for impact. The generator has been checked, and we are laying in supplies in case we are stranded on our mountain. We don’t worry about flooding at our home, but it does make it impossible to go anywhere.

  5. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    Prayers for your safety and for everyone to remain out of harm.

  6. thefrenchhutch says:

    Hope everyone will evacuate to safe areas out of harms way. I know so many along the coast. I’m happy you and your family are leaving. Praying for all in harms way…………

  7. Cyndi Raines says:

    Yes, will remember those in Houston and now those in the path of Irma. I have 3 aunts and a cousin living in Florida, so many prayers being said for all in the states of the potential path. By the way, I think you home is lovely.

  8. I wish you safety, peace, and protection.

  9. Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Jenna, I will continue to keep all those affected in my thoughts and prayers. Both of your houses are beautiful. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful photographs this morning. Stay safe and take care!

    • Thank you Shannon, for now we are feeling like we dodged a bullet, we keep hoping, praying, and wishing the storm would get pulled farther and farther into the Atlantic away from as many as possible.

  10. Jenna, my friends are safe in St Maarten, but most of the island is devastated. The famous Juliana airport was basically destroyed! We continue to pray for all in harm’s way! Enjoyed seeing both of your beautiful homes!

  11. Jodi says:

    Be safe Jenna! these storms are so devastating!

  12. creationsbycindynefcomnet says:

    Praying for us all with this hurricane. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  13. Safe travels. You are in my thoughts.

  14. My hope and prayer for you is that you will be safe in the storm, that your property will survive with all intact and that there is no damage to your island, your neighborhood, your friends or so many others who are so very worried right now. I have friends posting on FB as they are on the way north. Friends in Houston who are underwater. It’s horrible. I love the photos, your thoughts, your resilience, your planning — and I hope it was just an early departure with nothing more to worry about beyond that.

  15. Barbara English says:

    Living on Siesta Key. Fl. I hope your prayers and mine are answered and Irma would make a very sharp turn and go out to see. This is my only home and it is very scary to think all your pictures nd some art work that goes way back in my family could be lost. There is probably no place truly safe, but I am going to take it as a wake up call and move irreplaceable things to a safer place. My best thoughts to all in harms way.

  16. Sandy Park says:

    Jenna, so glad to hear that your little piece of paradise is safe, but praying for all the people in harms way with 3 hurricane brewing at the same time. Please keep us posted.

  17. Mary says:

    Jenna, Watching the coverage on Irma and her Cat 5 status is frightening especially in the wake of Harvey’s destruction. We had our bags all packed for a trip to Savannah for a few days and I had already dropped the girls off at camp. We were coming home early Saturday well in advance of Irma making landfall if her tracking stays accurate but after hearing all the gas shortages and traffic reports in Georgia decided to stay home. I hope she goes out to the Atlantic and all the predictions are wrong. Glad your Gulf coast home dodged a bullet.Thoughts and prayers for all those in harm’s way and potential path.♥

    • It seems to be heading directly at you now Mary, even though you are so far inland, there could be wind and heavy rain. Now with the latest reports saying it might turn more to the west we are back nervous again. We were supposed to go to Bham next week anyway, and now wondering when the best time to travel will be. So glad you cancelled your trip to Savannah and didn’t get stuck somewhere! Fingers crossed and prayers for everyone

  18. debra cantales says:

    Jenna, I’ve been watching the coverage and keep hoping it changes for the better and praying for everyone in harm’s way. Your beach house has a special place in my heart seeing the photos all summer and the family’s enjoyment. xo

    • Aw, so sweet, thanks Debbie! We have been leaving/staying leaving/staying? all week and finally have decided to stay at least another week on the coast because Birmingham is ironically now in Irma’s impact cone. These storms are so crazy, you never know what they will do. We are already feeling impact of evacuees all over Alabama, packed roads, groceries and condos and hotels filling up quickly. I pray for all these displaced people, so scary and so horrible!

  19. Kim says:

    It must be hard to leave everything behind. The memories make your beach home a wonderful place to be! I’m so glad the Hurricane Lady survived Ivan. That’s so scary to think about how she could have been trapped and drown by rising waters! I’m glad this one turned away – and hope they all do in the future. It’s been weeks of praying for those in the path of hurricanes. I can’t imagine having to rebuild afterwards. But, we do. We rebuild, whether it be after hurricanes or tornadoes, and life gets back to “normal”. The memories of those who helped us along the way stay with us, and we appreciate them forever! 🙂

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