Tales of the Traveling Tote #18, Tropical Marina


Happy March!

If you’re here for Fearless Friday, it posted early this week,

you can see Draw a Rose here


March 1 means it’s time for another Tale of the Traveling Tote!

Join us as we share our latest adventures

with our McKenzie-Childs totes in hand





Miss Coquille and I haven’t done much traveling the past few months,

we’ve been enjoying being in one place,

cozy at home…





But a few weeks ago, we hopped in the car and headed South to our coastal paradise





Mardi Gras is in full swing South Alabama,

Mobile is the site of the first Mardi Gras celebration,

even though New Orleans gets all the credit…




Many of my neighbors have festive decorations on their mailboxes





and in their yards





One day we went to our favorite place for lunch,

Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina





It truly feels like a tropical paradise







I drove my car so I could stop by the grocery store

and met the boys who came by boat




A tall driftwood pelican greeted us at the hostess stand




Best Mojitos and lemonades in town!





After lunch we wandered around





Blooming hibiscus






No bananas on the banana palms today, but there will be soon






I told you Mardi Gras is big around here!





In the summer this fish cleaning station will be full of red snapper





I’ll tell you a little secret, not only is this marina beautiful,

the restaurants have fabulous food,

the boats and yachts are amazing…


It’s where my daughter and sweet son in law had their wedding reception!





It was upstairs and it was magical…





Time to head back to the house




As I was trying to take one last photo of our boat departing

I realized these diners were looking at me funny…






“Sorry, I’m not taking your picture, I’m photographing our boat…” I said

“No no…” said the woman,

I’m admiring your phone, that case is so pretty!”





“And it matches your bag!”  another woman said





Needless to say, Miss Coquille and I were thrilled

and handed them business cards

for my Society 6 Shop 







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30 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote #18, Tropical Marina”
  1. Charlotte Hall says:

    Oh, Jenna, you always make the waunderlust.(sp.?) come alive! I will visit Orange Beach soon – maybe this summer? Right now we are preparing for RV trip from Texas to Georgia. Hugh rally (2500 RV’s) in Perry where we are volunteers tram drivers! Wish I had a glorious tote like yours to take along! Thanks for the pics. reminding me Spring & warmer days are coming.

    • Thanks Charlotte, your RV adventures sound like so much fun, my sister and her husband plan to do that when they retire…I hope you make it to Orange Beach, I know there are nice RV parks available!

  2. Mary says:

    Jenna, I had to chuckle at “Mardi Gras is big around here” 🙂 What a fun monthly celebration for a lack luster time of year. The marina looks a great place for a dockside dining or a cocktail. I bet your grands love boating over. Happy March and Happy Sales to you with your Society6! ♥

  3. Happy March dear Jenna! Your beach paradise looks so wonderful as we enjoy another day of rain! Mardi Gras is such a fun time on the Alabama Gulf Coast. We haven’t been to Orange Beach in a few years, but you have made me want to return with your photos! Red snapper is my favorite fish! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks Pam, we had planned to go this weekend but rain was in the forecast and it’s the first weekend of baseball here so we stayed. Now it’s raining here, and sunny and warm there! Oh well, pretty soon I will go back more often. We love Orange Beach because it’s quieter than Destin and Seaside, but people are starting to discover it and it’s growing quickly!

  4. The look on that woman’s face made me chuckle – but as long as you can drum up some business!!! The phone case is adorable! This looks like a great place to enjoy on the water – we love dining near the water and we have very few places around here to do that! It was nice to see sunny pics as we still have a lot of snow here. And that Mojito looks delish!! Thanks for sharing your “tale’!

    • Thank you Patti, I was so shocked that she noticed, and of course so flattered! MKC needs to bring back our totes, so many people want one after reading our stories!

  5. I was going to say “I hope you had cards with you” when you saw the lady about the phone case! But of course you do!

    Oh, this looks just beautiful. Anything with boats, water, warmth is my kind of environment. I’m glad you’re back there. It’s just the thing. And your food sounds so wonderful! What a good journey.

    Happy weekend!

    • Thanks Jeanie, I was a little embarrassed about handing out the cards, but they were so nice and said they couldn’t wait to look at my shop online. I do love the phone cases, and have a small wardrobe of cases, so I can change them, like a different outfit!

  6. susan says:

    Love reading about your “tales”. What a great way to stay connected with far away friends! We’ll be in Gulf Shores in April and am hoping the restaurant is open to the public? Love your blog!

    • Thank you Susan, and it’s amazing how close we all feel, even though many of us haven’t met in person. Gulf Shores in April will be perfect, and Fishers dockside dining is open everyday for lunch and dinner, and upstairs is dinner only and fancier, but so so good! I hope you go and enjoy!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I did enjoy my visit, Jenna! I didn’t know that Mardi Gras actually started in Mobile. Your piece of paradise would be my happy place, too. Your wine goblets that you painted are so pretty. Yes, those diners did have a strange look, but I’m so glad that they noticed your most adorable phone case, which matches Miss Coquille. Happy weekend to you!

    • Thank you! Yes, I was so embarrassed when I realized they were staring at me, but they ended up being so nice and asking me a lot of questions about the area etc, because they were visiting from up North

  8. Julie says:

    Hello Jenna, oh your cute tote went to some fun places. I enjoyed looking at the photos. How awesome that Alabama celebrates Mardi Gras, so festive. I will visit some of the other blogs for the tote traveling.
    Enjoy your day and weekend.

  9. thefrenchhutch says:

    Oh how fun to just jump in the car and head south anytime you want, a luxury for sure. I think it is so much fun to be at the beach during Mardi Gras. Always fun seeing the festive decorations, like the mailbox and I love the giant mask. I don’t think we’ve been to Fisher’s at the Marina so I’ll have to remedy that next time there. Great pics of Miss Coquille enjoying lunch and a stroll. The area is beautiful and I always love to watch the boats come and go at the Marina. It’s always fun to get compliments on our totes. Love that phone case. Happy March Jenna…….

    • Come see me and I’ll take you to Fishers! We were going to go this weekend for Mardi Gras parades, but rain was forecasted so we didn’t…now of course it’s beautiful there and raining here! Thanks Emily!

  10. Rita C. says:

    Great advertising, Jenna! And great little seaside adventure. You’re so fortunate to have your getaway at the beach. I could definitely go for that! And I didn’t realize Mobile AL is where Mardi Gras began. Lovin’ those hibiscus blooms already in the South!

    • Yes, we love being able to go there whenever we can, only 4 hours by car, but such a different climate and atmosphere! Wishing I was there this weekend, it’s sunny and 70s today and in B’ham it’s cold and rainy!

  11. Love seeing those waterside pics, Jenna. I don’t blame that lady – your phone case is adorable! I enjoyed your post. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. What a fun post, and I love that tote bag. Honestly, I really think I need one of those. It was so much fun seeing your tote bag at all the different sites that you visited. And that phone case is awesome. Seriously, is that in your shop? I need to take a long hard look at that. Beautiful!

  13. Jacqueline says:

    Oh the decorated mailboxes are such fun. I didn’t know Mardi Gras was celebrated there as well.
    I guess they would stop and stare at your darling phone case. You and Miss Coquille and the phone make quite an impression.
    I love that you drove and the others boated. That is so fun. So nice to be somewhere so beautiful and warm and tropical and enjoying the foods that go along with it.

  14. Michelle says:

    This is so much fun!!

  15. debra cantales says:

    Jenna, I soooo love your little slice of paradise. Looks like a very fun vibe! I ordered one of your phone cases to take to Paris and Provence 🙂 Miss Coquille and the phone make a wonderful pair!
    So nice to be somewhere so beautiful and warm this time of year. The closest I am getting to Mardi Gras this year will be a party that my friends are hosting. Have a great week ahead. xo

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