Tales of the Traveling Tote, Fun in the Sun


Ahh Summertime!!

My fellow MacKenzie-Childs loving Traveling Toters are sharing tales of summer fun today

My tote, “Miss Coquille” and & I are spending our summer

doing the usual back and forthing

between the “city” and the “sea”






In the “city” we have been watching the progress of my daughter and son-in-law’s home remodel




I showed these before pictures in the June 1 post,

They basically tore the whole house down





All that was left was the front foundation wall and the garage door wall











Things have been moving right along though





It’s being transformed from a 2 level ranch

to a 3 level Craftsman style




To quote their 4 year old Charlie Brown,

“Look Mommy, they’re building it!”





Can you see him in the photo below?





The kids go over several times a week to see the progress





And now it looks like a house!




It is supposed to be finished by the end of October…

We’ll see!


Let’s head south and enjoy life on the coast





I want to take you to a fun store in Orange Beach, AL






I like to take Miss Coquille with me to the grocery store

I stuff her with my reusable grocery bags,

sun hat, water bottle, and necessary purse items





The Island Bama Beach Shop is the first thing you see

Grab some sunscreen and whatever sun items you need





Rouse’s is a family owned grocery store,

originally known as City Produce Company

founded in rural Louisiana in 1923

It now has stores in Louisiana, Mississippi,

and along the Alabama Gulf Coast

A trip to Rouse’s is like going to an old fashioned neighborhood grocery

Friendly staff shouts, “Welcome to Rouse’s!” when you walk in the door





They have geared this coastal location to tourists and beach goers





Not to mention SEC football fans!





It is full of fresh Louisiana seafood and Cajun favorites





Crab cakes, Crawfish Pie





Fresh and frozen Louisiana wild shrimp and crawfish





Base to make Gumbo, Etouffee, Cajun Alfredo





How about some crawfish tails or a nice Gator Filet??






And right next door is a good old fashioned 5 & 10

Al’s has everything you need from souvenirs to air filters,

dishware, art supplies, toys, flip flops and alligator floats

If you need it, Al’s has it!





Enough shopping, let’s get back to my favorite spot!





There, that’s much better!




I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Be sure to see what the other Traveling Totes are up to!

Oh and be sure to visit Patti for a chance to win a surprise MacKenzie-Childs giveaway


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Thanks for joining our Fun in the Sun today!

We’ll be back September 1 with more Tales and another giveaway!


🏡 👜 🌴

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42 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote, Fun in the Sun”
  1. Sarah Anderson says:

    Jenna, this was a fun read! Your daughter’s new home is going to be a wonderful new abode. What courage it takes to demolish a house and start anew. Must be exciting for your grands to watch this process. Your summer at the beach looks relaxing and renewing. I know you have the heat as we do, but I suspect those breezes off the Gulf are very satisfying. Happy August!

    • Aren’t you sweet Sarah! I am as excited about their house as they are, I have a degree in architectural drafting, and used to work for a contractor as a designer, so it’s in my blood…I love construction! I try to stay on the coast as much as I can during the summer, much cooler than inland! I can’t believe it’s August!

  2. Jenna, what a fun post. Your daughter’s new home is going to be lovely, looks like they have a view. Those darling grands are too cute. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t been to our beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast in a few years. Next time I am there, I will have to check out the grocery story and the 5 and 10. Wishing you a beautiful day in paradise!

  3. Rita C. says:

    I love the thought of going from city to sea – my idea of fun in the sun! Great new house being built for your daughter’s family. Your little artist’s corner on the deck looks like perfection, Jenna.

  4. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, I always think you have the best of both worlds, dividing up your time between the city and sea. I know exactly where your grocery store is located. I will have to go there and stock up for a week next trip there. I see some items I’d love to bring home too so I’ll remember to bring the cooler. I love the building process and watching the progress of building. I’m sure you and your daughter are having fun planning. And, what a view, no wonder they wanted to stay in that location! Adorable grands Jenna.You and Miss Coquille are stylish beach girls……..

    • thanks Emily, I am so grateful every day for my two little worlds! DD and NG do have a beautiful view, and they’ve started a trend on their street, now there are several houses on the street that are going to be remodeled!

  5. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Jenna, I am envious of your beach life. Orange Beach is one of our favorite places to vacation. Your daughter’s house is going to be beautiful! I know they must be so excited. Thanks for taking us along on your travels. Enjoy your day!

  6. Shelia says:

    I loved this post and our trip to the 2 stores. I grew up going to our local five and dime–McConnell’s, and shopping was never more fun. My 25 cents per week for helping with chores always went to a new “pocketbook”–some small purse type thing that I could carry around all the time. Nothing has changed, caught myself on the internet the other day scoping out, you guessed it–pocketbooks. Enjoy your beach time. Love being your internet sidekick.

    • Aren’t you sweet Shelia, and I love your pocketbook story! When you walk into Al’s 5 & 10 it’s like going back decades, and I swear they carry everything under the sun and it’s not even that big a store!

  7. Linda says:

    Jenn, I love that you can travel from city to sea. A perfect getaway and on the water. All of that fresh seafood, oh my. Your daughter’s house looks lovely. How special to rebuild and get the home you desire. I know it takes time, but in the end, they will love it. Just in the time for the holidays. That grocery store looks like a fun place to visit. Lots of goodies for any beach goer. Your home must be so relaxing. That deck is fabulous. Beautiful views to take in and also get creative.

    • Thank you Linda, it really is a little slice of paradise, once I get here it’s hard to get me to leave! It’s so much fun to watch my daughter’s dream house coming to life, they are beyond excited!

  8. Jodi says:

    Such exciting times with the new house and all!

    • It’s so much fun to watch the progress, they are really moving quickly right now!

      • Jodi says:

        We’ve built two houses. Seems to go up really quick then slows down when all the “stuff” needs put in – HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, etc., but it is so fun and exciting!

      • Oh, I know, I used to design and draw house plans for a contractor…not to mention the building and remodeling we’ve done over the years…they understand the process, plus they love the rental house they’re in so they are more concerned about getting everything right than they are in a hurry! I hope you have a super weekend Jodi!

  9. What a perfect place to paint with the sunlight all around you on the porch…great post!

  10. pattyanneart says:

    Such beautiful views at the beach! 💙 Love seeing the pics of your daughter’s new house. Happy Wednesday, Jenna! 😀

  11. Kitty says:

    Your daughter and SIL’s house is really progressing, Jenna. I always live to see the cute grands in your pictures. Now Rousse’s looks like my kinda place! Of course, being at your happy place would be like a little piece of heaven. Enjoy the rest of your summertime! 🐚 🌴 🌞 🏖

  12. Mary says:

    Love your favorite spot Jenna! Your daughter’s house is coming along, that Charlie Brown is the cutest. ♥ I agree with Kitty, Rouse’s is my kind of place. I couldn’t help but notice your cart was on the wine aisle, my cart magically steers to that aisle too. 😉 🍷

  13. Your daughter’s home is coming along! I think it will be finished by October. Also….we LOVE Rouses!!! A brand new gorgeous one recently opened half a mile from Shanley in Baton Rouge. She is so happy! I went and bought her lots of things earlier in the summer, and I packed a huge cooler to bring home to Birmingham. 😀

    Let me know next time you’re in Birmingham!


  14. debra cantales says:

    Happy August Jenna, I must say that I LOVE your favorite spot where you paint! Your daughter’s home is coming along nicely, and perhaps she will be able to decorate with some pumpkins if all goes well. I would love to check out Rouses and hang out with you and your grands! Have a wonderful August at the beach. xo

  15. entertainingwomen says:

    I had to giggle. Your list of fish made me think of Forrest Gump and his friend Bubba as they were scrubbing the barrack floor, and Bubba was listing all kins of dishes that could be made with shrimp. You’re having my kind of summer. Thanks for letting us tag along. CherryKay

  16. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Jenna, You have the best of two worlds. Wow, your daughter’s and SIL’s new home is coming along nicely! The kids are so cute.
    Rouse’s sounds like a great place to shop. It would be tough to have to haul all your groceries from Birmingham to Orange Beach. Al’s looks like a great place to be nearby also.
    Your painting spot would be where I would spend most of my time also.
    Have a fabulous week.

  17. Julie says:

    Hi Jenna, what a fun post with your tote visiting the stores. It’s so nice to have city life and the life at the beach!
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that is quite the “remodel”! What fun for them. It looks so pretty and such a setting. So fun to go along shopping with you – all the fun summer items in each store. I have also loved all of your fun IG paintings. You fit so much into the summer.

    • thanks Jacqueline! Yes, my daughter’s “remodel” turned into a tear down and start over, but they will be starting fresh with new everything and a lot of space. I know you wish your Cabo house would speed along!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Haha – the above comment is from me! Don’t know how that happened!

  20. Jacqueline says:

    I can’t get this right!

  21. Love the traveling tote tales! The house is going to be terrific!

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