Home Decor, Rustic Country Farmhouse & National Handbag Day


There appears to be a National holiday for just about everything,

Today is National Handbag Day!





When Miss Coquille, my loyal Traveling Tote companion, heard about National Handbag Day she insisted that I share our recent excursion to the most unique house I have ever experienced




Located in farmland about an hour outside of Birmingham,

the home is in the beautiful northeast Alabama countryside

This welcoming rustic country farmhouse is a treasure trove of sights and delights





It is nestled at the edge of the woods with a babbling stream nearby





A wide porch is continuous around all 4 sides of the house





Every inch of the porch is furnished with antiques,

collections, plants and memorabilia





A western saddle is perched atop an old US mail box

An adjacent rack is full of gourds, dried flowers, and rusty tools

Around the corner is this chair made with old Alabama license plates





Let’s go inside…





Inside the back entry, in the mud room

the first thing you see is this incredible wall of hanging pots and herbs





Then you pass this nook containing an old Coca-Cola cooler topped with vintage toys





Then into the kitchen, the heart of the home,

where every square foot displays unexpected treasures





A corner shelf holds a collection of hand blown glassware





Next to the range is a red toy pick up truck full of fresh cherry tomatoes

The officer is saluting the Pope in his “Popemobile”





Each item, food stuff, book, toy and object is placed with intention

Even though the entire house is filled to the brim with furnishings

It does not feel cluttered,

and there was not a speck of dust anywhere





Just around the corner is a giant wooden bear welcoming you to the living room which is open to the upstairs





The upstairs features a loft open to below and 2 bedrooms





A stacked stone wall forms the back wall of the main room

You can see the open loft above





A cozy sitting area by the pot bellied stove





The sofa wall decorated with books and collectibles

accented with several large wood branches





The beautiful handmade staircase is built against the stacked stone wall across from the front door and foyer





The hand rail is a large long tree limb and the balusters are some type of beautiful natural wood

Let’s go down these amazing stairs for a glimpse of the owner’s cowboy collection and music studio





There is a lot of the Wild Wild West in this house!





The owner is an avid guitar lover

Super hero and vintage toy collector





There is also a full art studio downstairs where his wife paints and creates

I didn’t take any photos of that, I think at this point I was truly overwhelmed!

Across from the house is a vegetable garden and a small shed

where the owners make their own candles





If you look closely on the far right of the photo above,

The spent stalks are all that remains from their green bean crop

The stalks grew so tall they had to use a ladder to harvest the beans!





This talented and super creative couple create magic with everything they do…





A special friend of mine invited me to come visit

 She was pet/house sitting for her friends that live here

They built the house themselves,

and the details and the craftsmanship are unbelievable

I basically walked around with my mouth hanging open as I enjoyed this “museum” of a home




The peace and quiet of the countryside is hard to describe,

I felt truly transported to another simpler time…




The best way to describe this home is

The Wild West collides with a Vintage Museum and Toy Collection and a Flea Market

and morphs into a Rustic Country Farmhouse

Thanks for coming along!




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39 Responses to “Home Decor, Rustic Country Farmhouse & National Handbag Day”
  1. Wow, Jenna this is amazing! I thought it was a museum until I read that someone actually lives here. My first thought was dust, and you answered that question. What a treasure trove that would take hours to peruse all of it…so many fun things to enjoy. I am going back to look at it all again, in case I missed something. What a fun excursion not far from home, Happy Thursday!

  2. Patti @ Pandora's Box says:

    Wow…what a unique home. I imagine it was amazing to see all of these treasures and easy to get overwhelmed. I find that when I visit places like this I have to walk around many times as its so easy to miss things! I wouldn’t want to “dust” this home…haha! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rita C. says:

    Jenna, you’re right, the house is full but doesn’t look cluttered. But I’d hate to be the one to clean it, lol. Happy National handbag day!

  4. Love the pictorial tour! It’s a beautiful home and all the stuff is beautiful displayed!

  5. Julie says:

    Hi Jenna, there seems to a national day for everything and I had no idea about handbag day! What a fun house to visit. It so beautiful on the outside and inside and so much to look at. Sounds like a fun day. Enjoy the day and the weekend.

  6. Cyndi Raines says:

    What a fun day! Yes, it is a beautiful home and they are very talented. Thanks for sharing. 😊 P.s. today I’m buying the ingredients to make the mummy bread mentioned yesterday! YUM!

  7. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Jenna, this looks like such a wonderful place to spend the day! I can’t believe all of the collections and not a speck of dust! The countryside looks so pretty and peaceful… a perfect place to spend an autumn day. Take care, and enjoy your day!!!

  8. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful home!! I love that chair. 🙂 I could spend hours just sitting on the porch reading. It looks so cozy!

  9. Bonnie Morgan says:

    What a fun day! I think you described it perfectly. I would have enjoyed the tour.

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Wow what a wonderful collection of fabulous items. I just love how they have displayed everything. I don’t have that talent. And no dust?!! Well you would find some here. Thanks for bringing us along. What a treat to get to walk through this fun live’s work!

  11. Nancy says:

    I would think this was in Arizona! Such a fun get away for you all and not that far away!

    Thank you for the tour!

  12. What a fabulous road trip! Oh, that is a living museum — and so cool. I don’t know what I found most interesting — loads of eye candy!

  13. Shelia says:

    Great tour, Jenna. I am a hoarder, ahem, collector myself and love vintage items. This was such an eclectic mash up–something interesting in every nook. I love the creativity of the couple who created this feast for the eyes.

  14. Jill Kuhn says:

    Wow! What an amazing place!! Thanks Jenna for the tour! 🙌 I love all the details, so much to see! Loved the bear holding your handbag! 🐻💕 It does look like a place to unwind and relax. 💗

  15. Mary says:

    Such a fun tour Jenna! I’m a terrible housekeeper so the dust, cat and dog hair would be a mile high if I lived there 🙂

  16. Debra Oliver says:

    thanks so much for sharing this amazing rustic home with us! I can’t even imagine that porch on 4 sides there’s enough inspiration there to keep us busy for days. haha, I didn’t realize there’s a National Handbag Day, too fun!!!

  17. rawsonjl says:

    I just love that wrap around porch & how inviting that looks.

  18. Karen says:

    What a house, what a collection…I can’t imagine putting it all together.

  19. What fun! There is just so much to see here. I thought it funny how eclectic it is. From the cowboy with a gun statue, to Batman and Smokey the Bear. Very eclectic. Thanks for sharing with #omhgww. Socialized.

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