Views from the Porch, a little beach time…

I am happily back on the porch at the beach house this week,

enjoying sunshine, sea breezes and perfect weather

The pool is back to it’s beautiful blue,

and things are finally getting back to normal

after Hurricane Sally last September

DD and her family are here,

the kids are enjoying the pool and a huge new mat

The mat is really for use out in the water by the pier,

or when they’ve beached the boat on an island to swim,

but the kids just had to try it out in the pool

HHjr and one of his bachelor friends,

who is really like my adopted son,

were here last weekend

My landscape service called me earlier this month

to say they could no longer do our monthly maintenance

because they just couldn’t find enough people to work

One of the challenges of having 2 houses is keeping up with constant maintenance

but HHjr is his father’s son,

boundless energy, and constantly doing projects

He jumped right in and got his buddy to bring

a tree climbing stand that he uses for hunting

He hooked it up

and was shimming up and down the palm trees like a monkey,

removing dead palms and trimming the bark…

I couldn’t watch when he did the palms in the front yard,

they’re 25 feet tall!

Last night we enjoyed our favorite beach meal,

Coconut Shrimp

Today DD and I are planning the holiday weekend meals,

HHjr will be back with his boys so we want to get stocked up with groceries…

What are you’re favorite recipes to kick off Summer?

I am using a Pinterest board to collect recipe ideas for quick reference

I will be doing a lot of “back and forthing” this summer,

between the city and the coast

Before I left the city I said goodbye to my newest guilty pleasure

a MacKenzie-Childs tulipierre

{I gave it to myself for Mother’s Day 😬}

I filled it with faux blooms* so it would look pretty all summer

with no maintenance

*50% off at Hobby Lobby

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow

for the May edition of the Monthly Creative Craft Blog Hop

Lots of crafty creations to kick off Summer!

Summer Sand Dollar Flag

Oh and if you can’t get away to the beach,

you can always bring the beach to you!

Memorial Day sale going on this week at Society 6

20-40% off most items!

Shop here

See the Take Me to the Sea Collection here

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24 Responses to “Views from the Porch, a little beach time…”
  1. BERNADETTE says:

    That tree climbing gadget looks very handy. Enjoy your new addition to your collection of Mac-Keznie Childs. Have a great holiday weekend.

  2. Lol, love the ingenuity in the tree service! But I’d be like you – afraid to look! So happy you have things coming along. It’s a problem everywhere that people won’t work. Our governor is stopping the state unemployment benefits in June while the Fed money still flows.
    The pool and new mat look like great fun! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much Rita, we have been doing projects all week getting ready for summer, starting today it’s going to be just relaxing and grilling! Have a great Memorial Day!

  3. Jenna, I am so glad you are spending the holiday weekend with your family at the beach. I couldn’t look either…

    Can you believe that companies cannot hire people to work? It seems to be across the board, “help wanted” signs are everywhere. Enjoy your time and I know great food will not be in short supply!!

  4. Nancy says:

    How wonderful that you are at the Beach House! And so happy that the place is looking quite lovely since the hurricane. I’m so glad your son got the palms cleaned up for you.
    The Covid Unemployment money needs to stop. Or businesses are going to go out of business not because of Covid but because of the Covid Relief.
    But how about that shrimp? That looks so good!
    Happy Memorial Weekend to you! Enjoy every minute!

  5. Martha says:

    So glad things are getting back to normal at the beach house. Has your resident heron reappeared yet? Sure looks like you and your family are all set for some serious summer fun! 🙂

  6. I would probably get dizzy just watching them that HIGH!! Beautiful beach view and kids were having a good time…life is good :-))

  7. thefrenchhutch says:

    I can just see you all comfy in a beach chair with your hat and sunglasses and favorite read and it sounds wonderful! So happy you are getting your beach life back after all the damage at the coast from the hurricane. Hopefully, things will get better with your maintenance crew there. We’ve had problems with the crew that takes care of our lawn, they can’t get help! I love your tulipierre, it is such a special piece. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend……

    • Thanks so much Emily, the weather has been picture perfect and we’re having such a good time…I hope you a Jim have a fun Memorial Day weekend and kick off to a great summer!

  8. I am so glad you are back at the beach and the pool is back in order, too. I would have freaked with HHJr. on that tree. But you are right about double maintenance. I’m glad Rick can and will do a lot. But yikes!

  9. Ricki Treleaven says:

    I will definitely visit your Pinterest Board! 😀 I don’t think I could’ve watched your son and his friend shimmy up and down the tall palm trees….that makes my heart race, lol.

    I love how your tulipiere is styled! I love tulips.

    Your pool looks great! I know the grands are so happy it’s fixed! Enjoy your beach time.


    • Thanks Ricki, yes I couldn’t believe the way he could shimmy up and down those trees! I am loving my tulipierre, and the weather this week has been ideal. I hope you have a great Memorial Day, are you headed to the lake?

  10. lghiggins says:

    Your “employee” problem is widespread in the U.S. right now. We went from an economy where people wanted to work and were proud to work to one that wants to depend on the government to take care of them. So sad! Meanwhile, I love your enthusiastic son and his friend; what a challenging job they took on.

    • Thanks Linda, yes, the work shortage is awful, and combined with product shortages there are so many delays…our governor just ended the monetary assistance program in our state so I’m hoping that will help…

  11. Wow, I’ll leave the climbing to HHjr! Glad the chores got done and I’m sure you’re thrilled things are finally getting back to normal-enjoy:@)

  12. Cyndi Raines says:

    So happy for you that your pool is back in action, so beautiful! Enjoy your holiday with the family, that is what is most important for sure. Love that coconut shrimp, will look at the recipe!

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