Fearless Friday, Bloody Mary Glasses

I had a hand painted glass and accessories business for 12 years,

painting glassware and tabletop items for gift shops

all over the state of Alabama.

I loved it but it was a lot of work,

I was basically working all day, everyday…

I had to purchase the items, create the designs,

wash and paint the glassware,

pack and ship or deliver by car.

Eventually I got burned out

and decided to retire and pursue other artistic interests

I still occasionally paint for friends,

and these Bloody Mary glasses were requested

by a long time customer who lives in Virginia

A couple of celery sticks, fat red tomatoes, and black dots

Let me show you an easy way to paint tomatoes

I use red, orange and light orange

Load a fat round brush with some of each color Make a C stroke,

then a backward C stroke

and continue making 2 or 3 more similar strokes

until the tomato is filled in

When the tomato is dry,

add the stem using a smaller thin brush

loaded with yellow and green

Practice on paper until you are confident

and can make quick definitive strokes

The key to success is not over working your painting,

keep it simple using a minimum of strokes

I started with the celery sticks, using a flat square brush,

loaded with light green and white

When I am painting multiples of the same design,

like this set of 8 glasses,

I use a towel covered lazy susan,

turning it to easily access each glass

I love to paint tomatoes,

and these easy fat red tomatoes are such fun to paint!

I painted 3 big tomatoes on each glass, varying the height and tilt of them

Once the tomatoes are dry,

add the stems

The final touch are black dots

Using the rounded tip of a paint brush handle,

dip it in black paint and dab it onto the glass

Let the glasses dry for 24 hours

then cure the paint by baking in your oven

according to the directions

on the glass paint you are using

I use Folk Art paint for glass

there is a great set here

In case you’re thirsty for a Bloody Mary now,

try this Labor Day BBQ Bloody Mary with a BLT skewer!

Or if you can’t drink one, you can always draw one!


Have some art fun today and

Be Fearless!

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36 Responses to “Fearless Friday, Bloody Mary Glasses”
  1. Lovely cocktail glasses! I would have never thought of painting them…just fabulous! Cheers 🙂

  2. So cute! I love the BLT skewers!!

  3. BERNADETTE says:

    I can see why your glassware was in such demand. You do an incredible job.

  4. Jenna, I love the glasses. Your past business sounds exciting, but I can imagine the work involved. I am sure I would have seen some of your creations in gift shops.

    Your creativity is amazing! Happy Friday.

    • Thanks Pam, it really was fun, but I don’t miss the hard parts, packing, shipping, and delivery…that’s why I love Society 6, I get to do the best part, the art, and they do everything else!

  5. They are beautiful!!

  6. Nancy says:

    These are wonderful! I love when you share your painted glasses and dishes. Actually, I enjoy all your posts because you are so creative. It’s understandable of how you had a business for this.
    Happy Weekend Jenna!

  7. Alycia Nichols says:

    One of your coolest yet!!!!!!! Makes me want to actually have a Bloody Mary!

  8. thefrenchhutch says:

    Jenna, that was a full time job! I think it is fabulous you’ve found your creative artistic niche and work when you like. Love these cocktail glasses and the skewers you added, so pretty. Your customer will be delighted! Happy weekend!!!

  9. So cute! And they’ll hold my favorite kind of “salad.”

  10. Ricki Treleaven says:

    I love the Bloody Mary glasses. My sister-in-law would love them because she loves Bloody Mary’s, and she’s quite the connoisseur of Bloody Mary Mix, LOL! I love your fun projects, Jenna. You inspire me!

  11. pattyanneart says:

    Love those glasses!! Looks like a fun project. ❤️

  12. Pattie says:

    Jenna! These are FABULOUS!! I had no idea that you used to paint glassware as a business. You do such a beautiful job, why not? It was good of you to come out of retirement to make this gorgeous set of glasses for someone. I love this sort of thing, it makes every beverage seem so festive.

    • Thanks so much Pattie, I really had a lot of fun with the glassware business, and still enjoy painting glasses occasionally. The Bloody Mary glasses were quite popular, I have painted many sets.

  13. Great instructions and cute as can be. Who wouldn’t love a bloody Mary in one of those?!

  14. lghiggins says:

    Jenna, you were smart to quit your business while art was still fun for you. These glasses are perfect for Bloody Marys–so cute!

  15. Mary says:

    So fun and festive Jenna! I’m sure your customer will be thrilled with her glasses. ♥

  16. Kitty says:

    Your glasses are so pretty, Jenna. I’m really not big into alcoholic drinks, but I do love a Bloody Mary. Cheers!

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