Tales of the Traveling Tote, “Back & Forthing”

I know we’re all thinking, it’s December ???

How did that happen!!!

I guess we all were busy enjoying Fall fun!

It’s time for another Tale of the Traveling Tote and a giveaway~

We are 10 ladies who have a passion for MacKenzie-Childs

and all have the same Courtly Check tote

Every 3 months we share where our totes have been

and give away an item from MacKenzie-Childs

Our family kicked off September with our annual trip

to the beach house for Labor Day weekend

We enjoyed a long weekend with beautiful weather

and Charlie Brown went on his first fishing trip with the big boys

I did a little fall decorating

Then it was back to the city for football games

and parties!

In October we went back to the beach for another Fall holiday weekend

We are so thankful that the hurricane season was kind to us this year,

but so saddened by the destruction and loss that Florida suffered…

Our beach house is only a 4 1/2 hour trip from our “city” houses

so our family does a lot of “back and forthing” all year long

When Covid hit in early 2020 and the lock downs began,

we were lucky that my hairdresser started doing “haircut house calls”

for some of her customers

She and I have been friends for years

and DD’s whole family goes to her too

Even after things began to open up

she continued to make house calls for a few of her customers,

Lucky us!

Every 4-5 weeks we have “happy hour haircuts” in the late afternoon

HHjr and his boys and I go over to DD’s

and we take turns getting beautified

I load a tote with shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer and towel

for washing my hair …{I took my Serendipity tote this time}

and we have a family visit between snips

DD always has CC’s and Charlie Brown’s latest artwork on display

Aren’t those Boo ghost hands adorable!

CC got a fancy French braid after her trim!

Big excitement in November,

Big E’s football team made it to the Championship game

and they won!

We planned to go back to the beach for Thanksgiving…

But the weather forecast was for rain and wind all weekend

so at the last minute we decided to stay home

We had an non traditional Thanksgiving dinner~

BBQ ribs, Hashbrown Casserole, salad and Key Lime Pie!

On Saturday we had friends over to watch the Iron Bowl,

Alabama’s biggest rivalry game of the year

We had a feast with grilled sausages,

smoky chicken wings, chicken fingers, cheeses,

ham and cheese flatbread squares

Southern Sausage and Cornbread Balls,

Stuffed Bread Bowl Dip

an assortment of chip bags for the kids

a fruit tray, cupcakes, and

Cake Mix Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Bars!

So that’s what’s been going on, nothing very exciting,

just simple family and friends fun… just the way I love it~

Now on to the giveaway!

Linda, Miss Lola and Miss Gigi @ Life and Linda

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40 Responses to “Tales of the Traveling Tote, “Back & Forthing””
  1. Jenna, your grands are so handsome and beautiful! I know having your family make trips to the beach house is making so many wonderful memories for you and them. Grandchildren make every holiday fun. Your post warms my heart. Children and grands are gifts and a blessings. Happy December!

  2. WOW – congrats to your grandson, how exciting (and how handsome!!). And your grandaughter is adorable with her french braid. I didn’t realize you were over 4 hours from your beach house, but it is certainly worth the drive (does the weather differ much between home and beach?). I always enjoy seeing your table decor, especially your hand painted pieces – you are one clever artist!. I hope you enjoy the holiday season and thanks for taking us along with you on your trips!

    • Thanks Patty, the trip is easy, and the weather can be very different, especially in the winter, it is generally much warmer on the coast. I love the contrast between the two locations, the beach life is very relaxed, while things are much more formal in the “city.” I love seeing your hand painted pieces too! Happy December Patti!

  3. What a charmed life. The dream of having private haircuts is exciting. I hate sitting there with wet drippy hair and someone I know – especially a man, walks in, I want to “Curl up and Dye” – which is also the name of my salon.

  4. Beautiful grandchildren, and a very busy tote Jenna!

  5. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Jenna, you have such a beautiful family! Your grands are precious.It looks like you had a wonderful fall. I enjoyed reading all about your adventures. Happy Thursday!

  6. I love all the beautiful family photos. and I can relate to all the back-and-forthing. That’s a hike. Your grands are just wonderful!

  7. thefrenchhutch says:

    Never a dull moment for you Jenna. What fun to head to the beach for holidays and celebrations. I’m happy hurricane season was easy this year but like you I feel terrible for all the damage in FL. I’m sure Charlie Brown had fun on his first fishing trip, that smile says it all! Wow, congratulations to Big E and his championship game. Handsome fellow too. Your menu sounds delicious for the Iron Bowl. I’m sure it was a fun game especially since we won 🙂 Happy December Jenna…….

    • Thank you Emily, no exotic trips here, just the simple life and family time! Eli absolutely loved playing football, and is so excited they won and he got a ring. Fall went by so fast, I can’t believe football season is over and we’re wrapping Christmas presents! Looking so forward to our birthday lunch next week, see you soon!

  8. Jenna, you are always buy. Back and forth can be exhausting, but you have a beautiful beach house and your lovely family. Great activities and good food. having your own hair stylist coming to the house is wonderful. I am, a former hair stylist. Your fall adventures look like fun. Congrats to Big E’s championship.

    • Deb says:

      You are a very busy grandma, and your grands are adorable. Congratulations to Big E on the championship, what a nice ring. Of course I love the French braid that your adorable granddaughter had done. Keep enjoying life to its fullest, and have a wonderful holiday season.

    • Thank you Linda! We are spoiled by the haircut house calls, it’s so nice not to have to go to a salon! We’re all used to the back and forthing, it’s an easy trip and we’ve had the beach house since my children were babies, so I’m used to it. Here’s tp December and holiday fun!

  9. What a fun tote adventure. Keep celebrating the good life!

  10. Congratulations on your handsome grandson! The tote has really been everywhere. Continue to enjoy the Advent time, Jenna.

  11. Mary says:

    Jenna, I know you look forward to your beach getaways and ‘back and forthing’ ! Big E is going to be a heartbreaker and fight the girls off. 🙂 How fun you and DD have haircut and happy hour house calls…I should be so lucky! Congrats on ‘Bama’s Iron Bowl win. Happy December. ♥

  12. Judee says:

    wow! that purse had some wonderful times over the past few months. I love all your fall decorations. What a joy to spend time with the grandkids!!

  13. This is such a fun post, Jenna. 😀 I love that your stylist makes house calls! That’s so cool. Your beach house is decorated for fall just as cute as your city house: I love the skinny fall-themed tree! Congrats to your little champion. I love football season like you do. As much as I enjoy reading about the beach, I’m happy you’ll be in town to celebrate your birthday (and Emily’s!) with me. I can’t wait!

    • Thanks Ricki Jill, yes we’re very spoiled with the haircut house calls! I’ve never been a fan of going to the beach this time of year, I’d much rather be here where it feels more Christmasy! Can’t wait for our luncheon, see you soon!

  14. lghiggins says:

    Such a delightful time back and forthing. Your grandchildren are so cute, and I know you appreciate the precious time you get to spend with them. May the next quarter be as fun for you as the last. Yes, I am one of those people saying “December 1st already?” Start the advent calendar and make the switch from fall to Christmas decor. Fortunately I love both seasons; they just go by so fast!

  15. lghiggins says:

    Oh, I meant to ask: Did your nutcracker come in a MacKenzie-Childs style or did you paint it yourself? So cute!

  16. Kitty says:

    You had a fun Fall, Jenna, with your family. I always loved seeing pics of your adorable grandchildren. Way to go Charlie Brown in fishing with the big guys and Big E’s championship ! How wonderful to get beautified at your daughter’s house; makes it fun and easy. Happy December ❤️🎄❤️

  17. Sarah says:

    Jenna, simple family and friend fun is the best kind of fun. How nice that you all live close and spend quality time both at home and at the beach. Lucky grands!!!
    Congratulations to the champions! I admire your zest for life, Jenna. You are always on the go, decorating, cooking, painting, traveling back and forth. Happy Holidays!

  18. Deb says:

    Jenna, I want to eat at your house with your lucky grands! Happy Hour Haircuts is right up my alley too. Congrats to your handsome grandson, just look at that smile and that ring. I love that your granddaughter chose the french braid. I used to do that in my younger days. Enjoyed seeing photos of your back and forthing, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

  19. Jacqueline says:

    Football season is so fun. We had up to 5 games a week this year. The kids all did so well. I am not a fan of traditional turkey dinner so your southern dinner for Thanksgiving sounds great. We did the traditional but I focused on the carbs and shrimp – haha! Your beach house is always a delight. So glad you get to go so often. We do the same with Cabo but it is a 3 hour flight.

    • 5 games a week, wow, that’s hard to keep up with!! I didn’t realize Cabo was so easy for you to get to, that’s great! Your Grinch party was incredible, I’m sure you have many more fun things planned for December, Happy Holidays Jackie!

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