Views from the Porch July

This has been a celebratory month for us at the beach

After 2 years and 10 months since Hurricane Sally

our pier and boats are finally fixed and finished!

The new pier was built with a mesh decking

so when the water rises,

it goes right through

instead of causing the boards to dislodge and wash away 🤞

We also finally got our landscape redone

after being without a landscaper since Covid

when he couldn’t find enough people to work

Plus we lost a lot of plants last winter when we had a deep freeze

Much better now!

I am spending the month of July at our beach house on Ono Island

Go east on the bridge over Perdido Pass to Perdido Key

Then there is a gated entry to the bridge to Ono,

a private residential island

Our house is on the south side of the island facing the Gulf of Mexico

My favorite spot is the porch

where I can watch all the activity on our deck,

pier, bridge and the waterway~

You never know what you’re going to see!

Lots of parasails

The Blue Angels, home based in nearby Pensacola FL, often zoom by

Tiki hut boats have been all the rage lately,

with more showing up every summer

DD wants to rent this boat when their cousins come

for our annual family Labor Day weekend

Saturdays are filled with an all day boat parade

on the waterway in front of our house

Boats park across the waterway to picnic and swim

A lot of fishing goes on around here

Charlie Brown has picked up fishing fever from his Dad,

uncle and the other boys

He and his Dad took a few father son trips in the little boat

They also had boat races in the pool

The adults like to boat over to a local bar to get a Bushwacker

around cocktail time

I have a great recipe to make your own here

You can even make a Bushwacker Pie!

The famous Flora Bama Bar is a mile east of our house

on the panhandle on the Florida/Alabama state line

It’s not unusual to see construction barges go by

CC has been having fun this week with “pet” crabs

Yesterday I was watching her swim in the pool and she said

“Gigi look who’s on the roof!”

“He’s acting like your lifeguard” I said


This sun loving plant is half way out of the pot~

I turned it around to see if it would reverse itself,

but it was too late so I just let it have it’s way!

We are enjoying every moment of these July Summer Days!

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38 Responses to “Views from the Porch July”
  1. Mary says:

    Entertaining blue water views from your porch Jenna! The VW bus pontoon cracks me up 🙂 Glad you have a resident heron to replace Freddy, I hope he sticks around. Enjoy your new dock, landscape and pool time during the last days of July….a wonderful way to stay cool as you enjoy the ocean breezes during these lazy days of summer! ♥

    • This heron got a catfish from my son in law the other day when he was fishing on the pier, so I have a feeling he will be hanging around often to see if he can score another fish! It was kind of creepy how close he was to me on the roof and watching CC!!

  2. I think i”d park myself on your porch and just enjoy the day — maybe with a cool libation! You’e in a beautiful area and I loved seeing the aerial overview, too. You deserve champagne after all your epais from the storms. Enjoy every second of your time there (and if you can extend it, I say go for it!)

  3. You have such a lovely place on the water. Hopefully you have moderate temperatures, not unbearably hot.

  4. This is what summer is all about!

  5. Food nutters says:

    You definitely live in a very beautiful place! I’m getting jelous..

  6. Rita C. says:

    What a wonderful oasis! And a true oasis your Ono Island is! So happy you finally got all dock and landscape finally finished. It’s beautiful.

  7. Kari says:

    We are still working on our landscaping, roof and fence from hurricane Ian…so I feel your pain. Your island is lovely and what July Summer fun. Blessings

    • Thank you Kari, I hope your repairs are completed soon…one reason ours took so long was because of Covid issues and parts not being available. Fingers crossed this year there won’t be any damaging storms 🙏

  8. Oh, Jenna this is a lovely piece of paradise for you and your family to celebrate all that is good in our world! Love your feathered friend lifeguard!!

  9. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for a peak into your world Jenna.

  10. lghiggins says:

    The mesh deck sounds like a great investment. I’m glad you are enjoying your time at the beach.

  11. Summer time is fun time…the view from your porch is really beautiful.

  12. Pam says:

    Jenna, you have a bit of paradise on Ono Island. I would be on your porch every day for hours. There is so much to see on the water and quite entertaining. I am so happy you have finally been able to have the boats and pier repaired from the hurricane. I am sure there was so much devastation it was hard to get materials and labor. Enjoy every minute and it seems you are 🥰

    • Thank you Pam, it fills my heart to see this place where my children grew up now loved by my grands. The main reason repairs took so long was getting parts to fix the boat due to Covid shortages, but everything seems to be finally working. It’s been such a fun month with family and guests here everyday, and weather has been great~

  13. I love your new pier! It’s about time they invented something like this. When my parents lived in FWB, they had to rebuild their pier numerous times. Our replanted landscaping is just now taking hold since Sally and it’s a breath of fresh air to finally have it done. But you know what we all say . . . the season isn’t over, heaven help us! Your family time is something I’d love to have someday. You are a fun Gigi!

  14. Sarah says:

    Jenna, it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that August is next week! Your month must have been so relaxing and fun. I love your water view! I can just imagine how breezy it is. Why don’t you just stay?

    • Thank you Sarah, I can’t believe August is upon us either. I don’t like being at the beach house by myself anymore, and I’ve got things to take care of in Birmingham, so I am going back there until we come back for Labor Day weekend.

  15. diane in northern wis says:

    What an absolutely beautiful place you have there. I love seeing all your pictures and wishing I was there too! You are blessed! Enjoy.

  16. Nancy says:

    I am still giggling over the VW bus pontoon! You do have the perfect seat to watch Beach Life at its best!
    The new dock and landscaping are quite lovely and a welcomed treat after that horrible hurricane! Your Beach Home is your Paradise!
    Summer Hugs to you!

    • Thank you Nancy, I love that VW boat, I usually see it several times each summer. When it gets crazy down here on busy weekends, we can stay out of the chaos and such watch everything from our house, deck and pier!

  17. I know you all must be thrilled to have your island home getting back to the way it was. It sounds like the family have been having a great time.

  18. Joanne says:

    Such lovely views from the porch! I love that mesh decking; that is such a genius idea. The yard is looking wonderful too.

  19. Pam says:

    Oh Jenna, what a paradise you have there! So beautiful. I want to be you! 🙂 We haven’t been down to Orange Beach in a few years. We usually stay at the Phoenix X, right next to the Flora-Bama, so it was fun to see the pretty Flora-Bama cocktail! Thanks for sharing your views with us!

    • Thank you Pam! Yes it is paradise to us! Phoenix X is a great place to stay, you are right next to all the action~ we like to go to the Yacht Club across the street, they have good food and bushwackers 🙂

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