Tablescapes, Peonies in the Garden

  I will be on the coast most of the summer, but before I left, I couldn’t resist treating myself to some peonies from Trader Joe’s         I know, right???         Deep pinks and big bright whites!         I began to dream they came in straight … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Spring Vegetable Garden

There once was a pink little piggy       Who loved to chomp chomp on a radish     Lettuce, carrots and peas     All seemed quite lavish     He nibbled away     on a bright sunny day     And was thrilled to discover     A sandwich for this … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Garden Party

With the weather warming up, we all want to be outside.  My yard looks TERRIBLE.  So don’t look around too much… Even though we are starting to have days in the 70s, I have lived in the South too long to be fooled by Mother Nature.  She gets extra tricky around here in the Spring … Continue reading