Fearless Friday, Candle Party Plates

    Let’s have some party fun today and paint some festive candles   🎂     You don’t have to be an artist to paint these funky candles, all you need is a rough sketch to plan the colors and design     Some paint,* and several brushes * if you aren’t painting on glass, … Continue reading

Party Panache, Party Favor Tree

My little silver “Charlie Brown” Tree recently went to a baby shower! All decked out in party favors! DD and I were asked to bring an appetizer for the afternoon gathering We decided to make a snack mix, full of mini treats and some blue and white Jelly Bellies We knew that there would be … Continue reading

Party Panache, EZ Party Favors and Prizes

The party favors and prizes for last weekend’s Cook Your App Off! party went together easily with just a little shopping I hit Olde Time Pottery, World Market and the Grocery Store looking for all things orange I got a ceramic lattice square planter, a chef wine bottle holder and an orange colander to use … Continue reading