Fearless Friday, Happy New Year Wreath with Paper Ornaments

  Do you ever get an idea that just takes over your reasonable side and insists you drop everything and do it right NOW?     Before Christmas when I should have been wrapping gifts and baking goodies and doing all things Christmas,  I got an idea that simply wouldn’t wait…         I … Continue reading

Party Panache, Orange Everything!

The 3rd annual Cook Your App Off party was last weekend, and this year the theme was Orange!  This is really my daugther’s party, I am just her assistant I added an orange polka dot ribbon to the Party Wreath I made last year, which handily had some orange and blue kitchen utensils on it … Continue reading

Creations, Party Wreath

Do you ever watch the show “Chopped” on the Food Network?  The contestants are given a mystery basket of ingredients and they have to create a dish from them.  My darling daughter and I thought this could be great fun for a party. We decided to call it “Cook Your App Off!” and ask guests … Continue reading