The Organized Life, Recipe Tabs Update

I recently did a quick calculation of my recipes and found that I have posted around 1000! The general recipe index, alphabetically by category, had become so long it was no longer user friendly I have reorganized it and divided it into sections, you can see all the new tabs in the header above Most … Continue reading

the Organized Life, The December Paint Bucket

The “Paint Bucket” is my bucket list of recipes that I want to try.  I compile this list near the 1st of every month, browsing my Pinterest boards, looking at virtual recipe boxes I have on, the Food network, and Ziplist.  I also keep a master file of categorized recipes on my computer, that … Continue reading

the Organized Life, October “Paint Bucket”

In September I made 10 recipes from my bucket list.  That is great! My bucket list is for inspiration only so it would be ok with me, myself and I if I made nothing on it!  Moods change, life happens, and things are not always in your control…that’s okay, the goal of being organized is … Continue reading