Take-out Tuesday, Grilled Summer Salads

Now that summer is almost here and you’re dusting off the grill, these salads can be cooked outside too! Grilled salad greens topped with roasted fruits and vegetables, and some melty cheese makes for delicious summer eating! I must tell you that all these salads are made with bleu cheese BUT for you blue cheese … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Roasted Vegetable Salad

When it’s just me for dinner, my go to meal is salad… I found this bag of vegetables in the frozen section recently and thought they’d be perfect for an easy dinner salad Place the frozen vegetables {or use trimmed and halved fresh Brussels sprouts, cubed butternut squash and onion quarters} Chop bacon into small … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Roasted Fennel and Red Cabbage Citrus Salad

Are you eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables as part of your New Year’s resolution? This simple salad will wake up your taste buds and your plate, and it’s healthy and guilt free I really meant to buy raddichio, but I’m an idiot and just grabbed the first red thing I saw  I was … Continue reading