Recipe Box, Summer BLT Nachos & Patriotic Cookie Bars

In the spirit of our patriotic summer month, July, let’s nibble on some red, white, and blue treats! The littles thought the red white and blue icies were very fun,  but it was the red white and blue nachos that made the adults smile Actually, they are BLT nachos, blue corn tortilla chips drizzled with … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Watermelon Salsa with Jerk Chicken 2 Ways

We had a cooking frenzy over the weekend, HHjr planned the recipes and we all shared the cooking.  The Watermelon Salsa was such a great pairing with grilled Jerk Chicken, and even better the next day when we turned the leftovers into Jerk Chicken Nachos with Watermelon Salsa~ People are always asking me, “how do … Continue reading