Gifts from the Kitchen, Olive Oil

Keep an oil bottle, preferably with a spout, right by your cooktop and it will be ready to grab!
I buy a big jug of Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Costco and keep it in my pantry and use it to keep my oil bottle full.
This saves mucho time, its right there where I need it, no having to get butter out of the fridge or oil from the pantry.
You can invest in a fancier olive oil for salad dressings or other recipes, but I have found the Kirkland makes me pretty happy.

Olive oil is made up of monounsaturated fats and antioxidants,  it lowers cholesterol and aids in digestion. It known to help prevent heart disease and colon cancer.  Extra virgin olive oil is recommended, this is the oil that comes from the first press, a cold press, of the olive.

It is not recommended to keep your oil in a bright spot, as light and oxygen can promote deterioration. I put this in the window just to photograph, it normally hangs out just to the right of my cooktop.  I go through mine pretty fast so that isn’t a problem for me but if you’re not sure you can keep it in the pantry or fridge.


these bottles are great for dishwashing soap by the sink too!



Full or empty, this bottle would make a Gift from the Kitchen!

This type bottle is widely available, these are from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Shop for a hand painted one at and select a custom design to match your kitchen, the season, or maybe your football team! Go Bama!  War Eagle!

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  1. Carol Bjorklund says:

    Hi-I am a good friend of your sister, Sally and I am loving your website! What a talented woman, you are!! Where do you get the cute gift boxes? Keep up the wonderful recipes and ideas.
    Thank you, Carol

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