Gifts from the Kitchen, easy party favors

Cruising around Costco one day, I spotted the large containers of spices and noticed the prices…Holy Herbs, this stuff was cheap in large quantities! I bought a 24 oz. jar of taco seasoning for about $5.50 which will be a great savings, considering  one 1 oz. packet of the stuff is $1-$1.29. The jar contains the equivalent of 24 packets, so do the math.  This in mind, DD [darling daughter] and I came up with an easy and inexpensive party favor.

Here’s how they came together

This was a casual deck christening  party and the favors were for both men and women so DD chose the Smokehouse Maple Grill Mates seasoning made by McCormick.  Sounded so good!  It had universal appeal and the grill seasoning matched the outdoor party theme.

I found the perfect little spice jars at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. I could even paint on the ceramic tops if I wanted to.  When I checked out I found out they were on sale for $1!  Even better! I love Hobby Lobby.  I grabbed some ribbon when I was there too, also on sale for 50% off.

I love to keep a big stock of all kinds of ribbon, so fabulous for and wrapping and styling, and last minute gifts.

At Target I picked up these cute little red and black pails, $1 and the kitchen wash cloths, 5 for $4, which were the perfect size for the pails.

I made a make shift funnel out of a piece of paper to fill the spice jars

Then I tucked the jar down into the scrubby dish cloth in the pail.  The towel was great because it not only was decorative and theme appropriate, but it cushioned the glass jar so the favor could easily be transported home by the guests.

DD made tags for the pails with a description of the seasoning and suggested uses and we tied them to the pails with matching ribbon

Ready for the party!

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  1. Judith Osborn says:

    Try the Smokehouse Maple on fresh salmon filets. Bake at 425 degrees-10 minutes per inch of thickness. Yummy! I enjoy your blog so very much. Happy Holidays!

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