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Remember that freezer paper I discovered recently? [see August 24] I have been putting it to good use lately… it is great for wrapping gifts!  Obviously ANY ribbon you have will work, and you can use it for boy, girl, adult, child, anyone.  Tie on an extra treat with the bow or tuck  in a flower. For this gift I made a big “posey” out of baby booties to decorate the package.

I chose a frame from my gallery,, and found a sweet little pink & gray outfit to tuck inside the package

I saw the booties on a recent shopping trip and immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.

I stuffed them with tissue paper and tied them together with a pipe cleaner, which is just something I had.  You could use a rubber band or a ribbon.

I had several colors of pipe cleaners so decided to add some extra curlies

just wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil a few times

and secure it to the pipe cleaner, ribbon or rubber band used to hold the booties together.  I loved the booties with the hot pink frilly tops because they hid what was going on underneath!

Next I wrapped the box with freezer paper and painted some polka dots and leaves.  You could also just draw them on or cut some out from paper or a magazine and glue them on.  Go CRAZY!

I tried using glue dots to secure the bootie bow but that wasn’t working so well so I just used a few rolled scotch tape pieces.

I made a gift tag with a blank luggage tag from the craft store and a baby shoe stamp

and tied it on with the pink ribbon from the original bootie package.  It was the perfect color!

I have several stamps that I use to make impromptu gift tags when I need them, these are my favorites, baby shoes, palm trees, birthday cake and kiss…use can use card stock or fancy papers, or blank gift tags [office or craft supply stores]  Stamping pads can be pricey but often go on sale.  Remember to use the weekly 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s if what you want is not on sale, you can pull the coupons up on your mobile phone and have them scanned at checkout.

Sometimes I design my own tag and print it out on card stock,  cut it to the size I want and punch a hole in it for tying

I made this blue and green polka dot tag for the crocheted blanket I made my new grand nephew, or great nephew, not sure really what to call him, he’s my niece’s son…so here’s a blanket for my niece’s new baby…

I bought some little extras in coordinating colors to add to the package.  I wrapped the blanket in freezer paper and tied the toys on top.

I didn’t embellish the plain paper this time, just tied it with a green polka dot ribbon

These ribbons are left over from last Christmas, but I have used them all year for various wrappings.  I stock up on ribbons I like when it’s on sale and try to pick ribbons that can be used for a variety of occasions.

All ready for the new baby!

For another fun wrapping idea see post dated August 20, Creations, Travelin’ Toy Tote

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