Recipe Box, Kitchen Tips for Holiday Ease!

When my calendar says November, my thoughts immediately go to holiday menus and planning Today I want to share some tips that might make your holidays easier or better! If you are cooking more things than you have room for in your oven, here is a handy way to get everything done and hot at … Continue reading

Creations, Oscar Night Table Runner

Are you planning to watch the Oscars this year? I haven’t seen any of the movies, but I think it’s still fun to do a little something special There’s still plenty of time to create a little ambiance All you need is an idea and some freezer paper and maybe a rough sketch of your … Continue reading

Home Decor, Fancy Fake Packages

I don’t know how long ago I wrapped these silver kleenex boxes, Was it Christmas 2009, where the boxes dotted the centerpiece of frosted glass snowmen running down the table? I can’t remember, but I know that I’ve had them a long time, and have used them tons of ways especially this year~ Last Christmas … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Some Elf Mishchief!

We have a big family lunch on Christmas Eve at our house every year with HH’s sister and her children and grandchildren.  This is our first year to do a real children’s table! Previous years we just did high chairs and laps, but now there are 4 children who are old enough to have their … Continue reading

Creations, gift wrapping

Remember that freezer paper I discovered recently? [see August 24] I have been putting it to good use lately… it is great for wrapping gifts!  Obviously ANY ribbon you have will work, and you can use it for boy, girl, adult, child, anyone.  Tie on an extra treat with the bow or tuck  in a … Continue reading

the Organized Life, Clean your fridge!

OK, when was the last time you cleaned out your refrigerator, as in take everything out, wipe down the shelves, check expiration dates… I have had more than my share of refrigerator “Encounters”.  My mom, bless her heart never threw anything away ever and when I would get to California to visit her, it could … Continue reading