Tablescapes, Hallmark Christmas Movie Table

  I have a confession to make… I love Hallmark Christmas movies! You know there is going to be beautiful holiday scenery romance, conflict, a snowball fight, a Santa, and a happy ending!”         Welcome to a Hallmark Christmas Movie Table!       Our family tradition is to gather with extended … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Candyland

    Is there anything cuter than the sheer delight candy brings to a child’s face? The tricky part is keeping them from eating it!     The  gingerbread houses were ready for decorating with muffin tins full of goodies       And I was itching to do a little decorating myself…     … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Beach Bunnies

We are only having 2 bunnies for Easter this year  🐇  🐰     Their cozy table for 2 will be very near         And they will be hopping and bouncing about,  no doubt!       More bunnies abound…     There’s lots to be found         Even … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day! A little Grandmother fun!

Sometimes I surprise Super Boy, my grandson who turns 5 this week, with some little tablescapes at his place at the island in the kitchen He’s been having a little trouble eating vegetables lately so I thought an inspirational little tablescape might help make it more fun I borrowed some “props” from around the house, … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Candy Cane Cloud

This is the “grown up” table for our annual family Christmas Eve Lunch.  We celebrate with our children and grandchildren and HH’s sister and her children and grandchildren and have a day of it!  We started this tradition years ago when our kids were little, so everybody could be at their own homes for Christmas.  … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Some Elf Mishchief!

We have a big family lunch on Christmas Eve at our house every year with HH’s sister and her children and grandchildren.  This is our first year to do a real children’s table! Previous years we just did high chairs and laps, but now there are 4 children who are old enough to have their … Continue reading