Tablescapes, Easter Egg Hunt

The sun was peeking out through the clouds, the birds were singing and the thermometer was inching past 70 I couldn’t wait to play with some Easter things outside I set up an Easter table for Big E and CC My grass is just barely coming up It’s not quite time for an Easter egg … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Curious Bunnies

My Curious Bunny has been busy hopping around the house lately When I set a plate of Lemon Cheesecake Squares on the table the other day, he came right over His nose was twitching away~ He checked them out from all angles and brought a few friends along Bunnies multiply rapidly you know! We’re going … Continue reading

Home Decor, Presto Chango Pillows

When I redecorated the family room last fall I choose a gray and white palette.  I didn’t realize at the time how versatile this would turn out to be~ Gray and white works just as well as black and white as a background for one accent color I have a wardrobe of pillows that I … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day! A little Grandmother fun!

Sometimes I surprise Super Boy, my grandson who turns 5 this week, with some little tablescapes at his place at the island in the kitchen He’s been having a little trouble eating vegetables lately so I thought an inspirational little tablescape might help make it more fun I borrowed some “props” from around the house, … Continue reading