Creations, Magnolia & Cotton Wreath

I’ve been looking at magnolia leaf wreaths and price comparing…  whoa, some are really expensive… Off I went to my favorite Hobby Lobby to see what they had, and I found the perfect faux magnolia leaves They look and feel so real, and were 50% off.   😊 The leaves were in bunches on a central … Continue reading

Home Decor, Turning to Fall

Have you bought mums and pulled out the pumpkins yet? I spent some time over the weekend putting summer away and adding some fall touches Sometimes you can just add a fresh ribbon for an instant refresh or update Last year’s sunflower wreath was suffering from serious burlap poof sag All better now! Inside the … Continue reading

Home Decor, Presto Chango Pillows

When I redecorated the family room last fall I choose a gray and white palette.  I didn’t realize at the time how versatile this would turn out to be~ Gray and white works just as well as black and white as a background for one accent color I have a wardrobe of pillows that I … Continue reading