Creations, Diaper Roses

Do your children think you are the Queen of Last Minute Miracles? Of course they do! You are entirely to blame of course, because if you didn’t always come through, they wouldn’t keep asking you! Sigh, someday your grandchildren will get them back! My Darling Daughter found out on Tuesday that she was in charge of flowers for a baby shower she was co hosting on Sunday….”Mom, can you help me?” Well, the challenge here was that I was going out of town and would barely make it back to attend the shower.  So we came up with something I could do in advance, and she could add to the morning of the shower.

And this is what happened…

The shower was going to be in a closed bakery which I had never laid eyes on, but I learned that it had high ceilings and we would be using long farm tables and needed four tall arrangements.  I remembered I had these galvanized french flower buckets that I use for centerpieces from time to time and felt they would make a great start.  With a limited budget, as in NONE,  I set out to browse the craft stores and see what I could come up with.  I have made many “roses” out of baby clothes, wash cloths and bibs for other showers and thought that might be something to consider.

When I saw these polka dot diapers at Target, I knew I had what I needed!  Plus the pack of 50 was $6.49!

Aren’t they cute?

I bought some wire stems and found some pipe cleaners and glue dots in my crafts stash.

  Unfold the diaper

and refold it lengthwise, leaving the elasticized edges out, but tucking the sealable tabs in

Secure a wire stem with a glue dot an inch or so from one end, with the top of the stem near the fold of the diaper and the length of the stem extending out from the bottom edges of the diaper and begin rolling up diaper as tightly as possible enclosing the stem end.

it’s hard to roll and photo!

Then take a pipe cleaner and wrap tight around the base of the “rose” and twist to secure

Then take a pencil or paint brush handle [please ignore the paint crusted exacto knife I used!] and wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around to create swirlys

And then make 47 more! I put 12 in each container.

I also bought some decorative curled and painted stems, a blue bunch $5, and 2 white bunches @ $2, and some ribbon for $4.  I divided the colored stems into 4 sections and with a section of these decorative stems in hand I made a bouquet by adding 12 roses around the center and securing the bouquet near the base of the roses with another twisted pipe cleaner.

I glued a wide blue and white striped ribbon around the top of the bucket with glue dots

And tucked in some white tissue to secure the bouquet

It’s simple, pretty and subtle

Ready to go!

At this point DD came and picked them up and they were in her hands now…

She did a stellar job!  She bought some blue and white hydrangeas, 3 per vase and some green stems and they were just right!

The real flowers really made the whole thing come to life.  The arrangements were subtle, with enough nod to baby but they were sophisticated enough for this chic urban venue.

The friendly barkeep kept the Proseco flowing…

And we had a lovely time!  Try mixing some real and faux elements to create interest and make your arrangements a little more budget friendly!

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