Tablescapes, Christmas at the beach

Happy Thanksgiving!! No rest for the weary, time to start thinking about the next holiday!!  Just to get you in the mood, and to free your mind from the stress of feeding your entire dysfunctional, I mean LOVING family, I thought I’d show you a little decorating I did on the coast last weekend.

It’s going to be a while before we see the parasails over the beach from our porch…

and time to put away the summer decor… we will be back of course but not until right after Christmas, but I want to leave some seasonal touches in place for when we return.

I keep my tree stashed on a closet shelf,

already decorated! How easy is that?  We try to keep things simple here on the coast..

I have collected lots of beachy ornaments over the years

and I have several other treasures

given to me by my bestest friends…

Don’t you just LOVE this glam flip flop?

and this glittery glass fish?

The tree is at home here on the table in all it’s feather boa glory, guarded by Aqua Snowman, patiently awaiting our return…

As much as it’s against my nature to do the same thing every year, I just love my little tree and it has become a holiday tradition at our little beach retreat.  Not to mention the ease of simply placing it back on the closet shelf when the holidays are over!

To satisfy my creative urges I decided to see if I could create a centerpiece on the kitchen island, an “Islandscape” if you will, by just rearranging some accessories I already had.  I grabbed a wooden boat that was on a bedroom bureau, some glass bottles, and idea began to take shape…

I used a metal tray as a base and put the “ship wrecked” vessel on top.

then I filled the boat with colored bottles and some time worn sea shells

some glass balls and sea glass

and a star fish or two

This blue bottle laying on it’s side has glass beads spilling from the mouth

mimmicing drops of water

and a piece of driftwood from the beach

and this ship will rest here all winter on this deep blue green “sea.”

Merry Christmas Y’all!

and Happy Decorating!

Thanks for visiting, stop by again soon!

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2 Responses to “Tablescapes, Christmas at the beach”
  1. This is so fun! I have never been able to fully imagine what it must be like spending Christmas in a place where there is no real cold weather to speak of and no snow. As a Missouri native, I am more than accustomed to blustery winds, knee-deep snow, frigid temperatures, and the smell of lots of wood burning in the fireplace. It’s all kind of romantic in its own Norman Rockwell way, but when it comes right down to it, sometimes I think I’d rather be in shorts and a T-shirt for Christmas! You have a really cute tree with the feather boa and fun ornaments. My favorite is the glass fish! I love his coloring!!! You did a great job with the shipwreck centerpiece, too! Very creative and very colorful!!!!! I love the tile on the wall in your kitchen, too! I hope you had a good day yesterday and that the weekend brings lots of fun for you and yours. Take care!!!!!!!

  2. dianaramblesdotcom says:

    Hi Jenna! Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like you had a lovely time at the coast. The santas reminds me of when we lived in Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go parasailing but never had the chance. Have a nice week. You are welcome to link up to my Linky Party anytime!

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