Party Panache, Goodie Swap! and a yummy fruit tart

It’s that time again, time for our annual “Goodie Swap!” I have been doing this with the same group of women since 1979! We think anyway, none of us can really remember, but we have a photo of one of the early gatherings and it’s dated 1979…Good news is that none of us have changed a bit, we are all those young thin beauties we were then….or that’s what we tell each other anyway!  That’s what good friends are for right? Compliments and Cookies!


We take turns hosting at our homes and it is so meaningful to see how our members families live, decorate and celebrate the holidays.


This charming home sits on a ridge at the end of a long winding drive, and it’s like an enchanted forest cottage


large windows enhance the outdoor views from all the rooms filled with antiques, vintage touches and wonderful folk art


The living room was welcoming with a glowing fire and a gorgeous mantle with hand knit stockings


We were ushered into the breakfast room first to deposit our “goodies” and to help ourselves to Cranberry Spritzers and Bloody Marys


Our hostess JG is beyond clever with her snowflake lights hanging vertically on the kitchen windows.  Actually most of what is in her home she has created with her talented hands, the knit Christmas stockings, drapes, pillows and upholstered furniture, all so elegant in their simplicity and her sincere love of life and family is abundant.


We tour the rooms of this wonderful house while we wait for everyone to arrive,   Ohhhing and Ahhhing over every little discovery


This fabulous bench and pillow invited us into the sunroom which has two walls of windows looking out to the garden and trees.  Birds are the theme here,   inside and out


If this were my house, I would never leave this room!


A needlepoint pillow on the sofa reminds us why we are here.


We meet in the living room to chat and admire this light fixture covered in holiday cards.


Look at these precious treasured baby shoes full of shiny ornaments… How adorable!


Oh look! The table is full now, we all have arrived!


We always seem to overflow the area for the goodies, and the late comers improvise piling by their treats on chairs and anywhere!


and we head back to the kitchen lured my the aromas coming from there {recipe for this tart is below}


Lunch is ready!


The snowy dining room is brimming with polished silver and vintage ornaments.


They hang from the chandelier with delicate ribbons among crystal snowflakes, and are sprinkled amongst the silver on the shelves in the niche beyond


and in a silver basket flanked by diamond snowflakes at table’s center.  Some of us have to rush off, but some can linger and laugh…


I took a quick photo in front of that glorious fireplace, and another year of memories will be added to the album.


Everyone brings a special tote for loading up their goodies.


Mine is ready to go, I can’t wait to get home and see what is in all these beautiful packages!


Come back tomorrow to see my “Goodie Swap Tree” and I’ll show you what’s in all the packages!


Our hostess, the capable JG, just shrugged when asked for the recipe and described what she did.  She obviously is comfortable and confident in the kitchen, and said she just sort of made this up as she went along… I love that way of cooking! True creativity!

Here’s the Method for this lovely fruit tart, you will have to use your own judgement for the amounts


Course Brunch, Side Dish
Cuisine American


  • red apples peel on, cut into thin slices
  • D’Anjou pears peel on, cut into thin slices
  • dried cherries
  • chopped walnuts
  • brown sugar & real butter


  • Arrange pear and apple slices in a prepared tart dish or pie pan, artistically arranged in a spiral
  • Sprinkle with cherries and walnuts.
  • Melt butter and brown sugar together, forming a sweet glaze and pour over top of fruit.
  • Bake in a 350 oven until fragrant and bubbly, about 30 minutes.
Keyword baked fruit, Christmas appetizer, fruit pie, fruit tart, holiday tart

We will be making this at our house Christmas morn!

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9 Responses to “Party Panache, Goodie Swap! and a yummy fruit tart”
  1. Maureen "Mo" says:

    Our Goodie Swap is one of the highlights of my Christmas also. Jenna, your words and photos made even more special for me. Great memories with you all. I wish all of you sweet and talented girls a Wonderful and Blessed Christmas. I love you all. Friendship is the best gift.

  2. What a wonderful tradition!! And that tart looks fantastic!

  3. You should call your goody exchange the Compliments and Cookies soiree! Great idea and it looks like a fabulous group to call friends!

  4. I seriously need to figure out a way to needle my way into your group! That sounds like so much fun, and your friend’s home is GORGEOUS! It reminds me of one of those homes that you pass by in your car at Christmastime and just can FEEL the warmth and love from the outside because it doesn’t look the least bit “contrived.” You wonder how the inside is decorated, who the people are living there, what their feelings must be this time of year, if they realize how truly blessed they are to have such a gracious home…all those sorts of things. (Or maybe it’s just me who does that! I’m weird!) 🙂 Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, and please tell your friend how much I admire her home. I wish her family the very best of the Christmas season!

    • You are welcome to join us any time, the more the merrier! Her home is truly the definition of a welcoming, lived in loving family home…I can’t wait to pass along all the wonderful comments to my Goodie Swap group that I have gotten! They will be so excited. And yes, I always want to peek inside everyone’s home, that is one of the great things about blogland, seeing everyone’s special touches!

  5. Judy says:

    Beautiful, love the baby slippers, such a treasure to have and include in your decor.

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