Recipe Box, Christmas Eve Menu with old favorites new ways

I am getting a little a Lot of help from Trader Joe’s for our Christmas Eve party this year We tried the Crispy Vegetable Pouches and they are quite yummy, so I went back and got 4 more boxes!  I also picked up a couple of boxes of Mini Quiches, and Camembert Cheese and Cranberry … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Romaine “Spoons” with Pear Compote

Have you met Miss “Holly Day Stress?” She crashed our family Christmas party when my MIL was hospitalized right before Christmas…We spent  worrisome days not even knowing  if we were going to have our party until several hours before it began…so I was really scrambling at the last minute.  Time to delegate! Because many of … Continue reading

Party Panache, Goodie Swap! and a yummy fruit tart

It’s that time again, time for our annual “Goodie Swap!” I have been doing this with the same group of women since 1979! We think anyway, none of us can really remember, but we have a photo of one of the early gatherings and it’s dated 1979…Good news is that none of us have changed … Continue reading