Party Panache, It’s A Girl Thing

How do you feel about pink?


Did you ever stop to think about how MANY shades of pink there are?


There is pale pink, shocking pink, bright pink, light pink, dark pink, hot pink, pink, not to mention Pink Flamenco, Kiss Me on My Tulips, Strawberry Margarita, Ate Berries in the Canaries, Not So Bora Bora ing Pink, Charged Up Cherry, Elephantastic Pink, And This Little Piggy….and there are even more!

For DD’s recent baby shower, {it’s a girl} we decided to get the hostesses some pink nail polish.  Of course, we thought this was BRILLIANT…  Anyway, I figured she’d want soft pinks and pearly white sort of colors…since her style is fairly elegant, simple and low key.  But Nope! She surprized me and said let’s go with some really bright pinks for Spring, I think my friends would really love that!  So off we went in search of polish…


We quickly decided that instead of all the same color, it would be more fun to get similar but different shades of pink, and WHO KNEW there were so many crazy pinks with such fun names!  We HAD SO MUCH FUN, picking out just the right selection and numbers of the various pinks…and after about 30 minutes of much discussion and sending the helpful sales clerk to the store room about 5 times we gathered up our choices in the store provided shopping bag and headed to the register.  When we handed the bag to the cashier she began to ohhh and ahhh about all the pretty colors and then SHE DROPPED THE BAG! A bag of nail polish bottles {16!} hitting a tile floor was not a pretty sound……DD and I looked at each other and looked up to the heavens, hoping against hope that that breaking sound was NOT a breaking sound.  More Ohhhing and Ahhhing, but this time it sounded like moaning and OH NOS! DARN IT, I wanted to snap a photo so badly, but the poor girl, I just couldn’t cause her further humiliation….so we shook it off and after getting a full refund we headed out the door to start the process over again somewhere else.

AGH! Exhausting! At the second store, since we were NOW experienced, we gathered up what we wanted in record time!


Our luck changed for the better after that and I found the perfect little white glossy bags at Hobby Lobby, 3 for $1.


Next I spotted this adorable swirly tissue and ruffle edge ribbon


and the “piece de resistance” this stamp and pink ink pad.  When things come together like this, it makes me REALLY HAPPY! How perfect!


DD made some circle tags with a onesie on them and a thank you message for the hostess.  We used the stamp on the lower corner of the bag



and we tucked the polish inside the bag with a piece of swirly printed tissue and a piece of hot pink tisssue and added the ruffly ribbon and tag and they were ready for the party!


I wrapped up 2 pink baby dresses for my gift, one was mine and one was hers, to give as my gift…for her to cherish and keep and to give to her little girl someday…


I topped the wrapped box with a “bootie bouquet”!


We couldn’t believe it when we arrived at the shower and it was decorated with hot pink!


and touches of gray, DD’s signature color


There were tissue pom poms everywhere!


and this baby carriage full of hot pink carnations was the darling centerpiece


There was quite a pile of presents too!!


What a wonderful a special time we had surrounded by family and good friends who blessed us with so many generous gifts to welcome Baby C into the world!

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12 Responses to “Party Panache, It’s A Girl Thing”
  1. Maureen Birdsong says:

    You have the best ideas ever! The shower just looks fabulous & I know you all had a fabulous time celebrating little girl Clem’s upcoming arrival. So sorry I had to miss. Hope to see you soon. (Love the bootie bow too). Clever & so cute. Maureen

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  2. This all looks so great! What a wonderful shower!!

  3. What a lovely party! Fantastic pictures! There are so many cute ideas.

  4. Jodi says:

    I love all the pink- very fun and girly for sure!! What great decorations and favors!! stopping by from the gunny sack

  5. Fabulous ideas! And I love the idea of the different shades of pink polish as hostess gifts. Must have been a great afternoon!

  6. First of all, there is NO color prettier than pink on this earth from where I stand! LOVE IT!!! Poor salesperson! She must have been horrified!!!! I feel for her! There’s a reason for everything, though, as you found what you wanted elsewhere. That bootie bouquet is just TOO CUTE!!! What a great idea! Great ideas all around, Jenna! You put a lot of thought AND work into this!

  7. Mary says:

    Everything is SO pretty in pink and what WONDERFUL ideas for a baby shower, it makes me wish I had one to throw! I adore the stamp idea and the booty bouquet! The onesie tags are too cute!

  8. Michelle says:

    I love pink – a girl can never have enough pink! These packs look gorgeous, looks like a lot of thought and planning but well worth it in the end Im sure 🙂

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