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Now that we are almost midway through February, how are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? My resolution this year is to get better organized, declutter and get rid of STUFF!  I am finding that putting these tasks on a monthly schedule really motivates me to accomplish them.  You can see my 2013 to do list by clicking here.  I will admit that I can’t check off everything on the January list, but I have made some serious inroads in both the January and the February tasks.

This past weekend I got HH to help me with my china closet reorganization.  Yes, I am super lucky to have such a closet but it has always been a little bit of a pain because I have never organized it properly…


In this before photo you can see how everything is pretty helter skelter, no sense of order or like items together, so I pretty much had to move a lot of stuff to get to anything.  To reach the shelves I had to move the plastic bins on the floor in front of them.  I dreaded having to get stuff out, and couldn’t remember half of the things I had stashed in there over time!


This plastic pile of strange toppling forms is all silver pieces we got as wedding gifts back in the day…when I got married, everyone gave silver or other such elaborate and very unpractical gifts!  And I have a closet full!  We entertain ALL THE TIME, but I rarely use any silver.  Entertaining is so much more casual these days, plus being a tableware designer, I am usually using things I have made or painted.

I took it all out, looked through the pieces and kept several large platters, a chafing dish, a covered casserole, a monogrammed roll tray and a few small pieces. The rest is history.  I have it boxed up in my garage until I can figure out what to do with it! ANY SUGGESTIONS would be welcome…


I put the large pieces on the low shelves where they are easy to access and slide in and out.  Why did I ever think it was a good idea to put those heavy awkward things on a high shelf?


I did put the lighter silver things in small plastic boxes on the highest shelf. These are the things I use mainly for holidays. { I found a set of 10, shoe size boxes with lids, for $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond}


Now the floor space is open with just a few stacked plastic bins in front of the low shelves, so it’s easy to bring the small step ladder in if needed.


This is the new addition! On each of the side walls HH hung a wire shelf unit that is actually made for a pantry but it works great for lot of things! It has 8 shelves, each about 5 inches in depth.  The lower ones are spaced further apart and can hold taller items.  These small shelves provide extra storage without imposing on the existing space and actually make the closet seem bigger because you can still step into the closet for access on all 3 sides.  The unit measures 72″H x 18″W x 5″D.  It is $42 from Home Depot and it installs in minutes.


I love it for all the little random things…there is one on each side wall and I have filled them with candlesticks, baby dishes, coasters, bud vases, glasses, small plates, all kinds of stuff!


Soup bowls, paper umbrellas and a salsa server! It’s all right there in plain sight! I LOVE IT!  I open the door and smile!


The mid level shelves hold seasonal pieces, frequently used trays and chargers, 2 of my good china sets, side by side.  It is such a treat to have it right at hand. Nothing gets dusty in here either!


The spaces between the wire shelves act like a perfect rack for the pieces stored vertically and they just slide right in and out.


On the second highest shelf, which I can reach easily, I have some large serving pieces. Wait! what is that large gaping whole in the middle….why it looks like empty SPACE!  Woohoo! What a treat!


I have a little hanging space for some linens.  I keep placemats handy in drawers in the china cabinet and other lesser used linens in large plastic boxes stacked in my garage storage area.


It’s still a little bit of a work in progress, but it has made such a difference!  Hey maybe I should hang something on the inside of the door!

Don’t you just love the feeling you have when you have cleaned out an area, and decluttered? 

Please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions for selling old silver, thanks!

the hand painted glassware is from JMdesigns Gallery

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16 Responses to “The Organized Life, China Closet”
  1. Great progress! Love that you have a china closet — next house I will definitely have one 🙂 Always such a great feeling to get organized isn’t it! 🙂

  2. lulu says:

    I make every effort to get organized, but nothing ever stays that way. Oh well, I like the way things look for a little while. Your effort certainly made a difference.

  3. phyllis says:

    The closet is looking great, I have been going through the same thing in my closets in the garage, it is all organized now but I think I have just too much stuff, easy to do when you are doing tablescaping…Mr. S. is always saying (thin it out) lol

  4. Awe you have the Peter Rabbit wedge wood set. I have mine from my childhood and systematically each one of my children has broken a piece. My daughter chipped the porringer. My 1st son just shattered the coin bank a few weeks ago (it was on display in his room & it was an accident to be fair). I have a piece I’m gifting to the baby & I’m pretty sure it is destine for ruin:)

    As for your silver, how about making a modern collage of it on your wall? It is way too special to be boxed up in the closet. And when all else fails, pinterest some ideas.

    Most of all, it has to feel good to be making a dent in your to-do list.


    • Thanks Amelia, I can’t believe you noticed the Peter Rabbit china, I only have the one 3 piece place setting but it is so special. Thanks for the collage idea, that would be cool! We’ll see what develops!

  5. Nici says:

    How wonderful that you have a china closet! And now that it is so well organized, you are sure to enjoy it even more! Thanks for stopping by today and leaving me a sweet comment on my Valentine’s Buffet. I appreciate your visit and your kind words. Have a great week!

  6. I am so proud of you for getting this so organized!!! It really takes a lot to pull everything out of a closet, ponder over it, agonize about what has to go, then put everything back in the closet in an orderly fashion. It takes time, a bit of back ache, a little creativity, and a HUGE sense of humor to get through it! I wish I could tell you what to do with the silver pieces, but I just don’t know. I still entertain with silver pieces a LOT, so I am still lamenting the silver (and other stuff!) I gave away a few years back. I liked Amelia’s idea about going on Pinterest for some ideas, too.

    • Hey, I can fix you up! What would you like? Seriously, if you have a certain piece in mind let me know! I do have the names of a few dealers in town who buy antiques and silver. I talked to my sister to see if she thought it was bad form and she wants to get rid of most of hers too…thanks for the advice

  7. Oh, no! Silver is my biggest obsession of all time – ever since I was a little girl! Both of my granddaughters already have six place settings and many serving pieces each (the oldest is 14). I use mine all of the time and love it – I even love polishing it (I know, I am crazy!). I have been trying to buy as much as I can lately, because even the dealers want to melt it and it absolutely breaks my heart to see those older pieces of art go away! On another subject, I have been working like crazy to get organized, since New Year’s. It does feel wonderful – cannot wait, until I finished. You did a wonderful job on your china closet!

    • If you saw the way I polish and iron you would understand why I don’t like doing it! I love silver, but I had more than I could ever use or store. I did keep the essentials and am going to check with my children before I do anything. Thanks for commenting, and good luck with your organizing!

  8. I too love my silver. I may not use it that often, but I find that if I wrap it in plastic wrap with no air holes, the polish lasts and lasts. I have pieces that I use only at Christmas and the shine has lasted for two years.

    Good luck getting organized.It seems an endless job.

    – The Tablescaper

  9. catiean says:

    good job on your reorganization and decluttering. I have been in that mode as well. I just redid our walk in pantry but forgot to take pics before. Doesn’tit feel good to have chores checked odd your list. I am doing the same thing. For selling your silver, you could post it on craigslist……but NEVER have someone you don’t know to your house. I always arrange to meet in a public parking lot or inside the mall with my hubby or a friend with me. You ould also check in your area with antique and second hand shops that might sell on consignment. You could also check those ads for people looking for silver pieces as well. Good luck!

  10. misssuburbia says:

    I always feel better after I declutter and rearrange my closet. Since I live in VIrginia and have the luxury like other east coasters who are north to me…the season change is a must for closet organization. It’s like free therapy AND a reason to go shopping for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter…well when its financial possible of course!

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