Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!! Won’t you come in? We are just having a casual Easter buffet today The bunny napkin rings hold pink and green napkins and a mossy basket holds green flatware The boys each get an Easter egg plate and a bunny mask and some fun sippy cups too I hope Mother Nature is through … Continue reading

Creations, Burlap Bow

A few weeks ago, when my grand daughter was due any moment, I popped over to a favorite local gift shop to get something “Oh so cute!” for DD & NG’s mailbox.  Do people decorate their mailboxes all over the country with bows for a new baby? I have no idea, but in the South … Continue reading

Creations, Chair dress-up

Strolling through blogland the other day I read a post about a craft room redo, by Carol over at Oasis in the Desert.  Beautiful photos and everything delightfully organized and bright colors…and then I saw IT,  the crown jewel of her mom cave…her chair! She had made the cutest slip cover for her chair…WHY HAD … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Cotton Tail Cake Buffet

Easter is just a few days away and I am still playing with bunnies…I had a few things follow me around Home Goods the other day, just begging to come to my house… These were too too cute to pass up!  The mugs have a bright carrot orange interior. One bowl has a bunny with … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Two Easy Favorites

These are not new recipes, and you probably have your very own version… I decided to mention these anyway just in case you have forgotten about these old favorites, and I have a trick or two to make them extra easy and delicious… Easy Italian Sausage Ziti Bake gets a flavor boost from Italian sausage, … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Pasta with Chicken, Prosciutto & Orange

My son, Hungry Husband Jr., loves to cook.  We are always talking recipes and texting each other pictures of what we’re cooking.  Last week he told me about this recipe he tried from epicurious.com and it sounded sooo good, I couldn’t wait to try it myself.  I added some chicken tenders to make it more … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Welcome Baby C

We had a little dinner party the other night, awaiting the arrival of Baby C.  Due at any moment DD requested a quiet dinner at our house, she was craving filet mignon.  No pickles and ice cream for DD! This gave me a lovely excuse to set a little pink table… I didn’t realize I … Continue reading

Tablescapes, Garden Party

With the weather warming up, we all want to be outside.  My yard looks TERRIBLE.  So don’t look around too much… Even though we are starting to have days in the 70s, I have lived in the South too long to be fooled by Mother Nature.  She gets extra tricky around here in the Spring … Continue reading

the Organized Life, Laundry Room

My daughter is expecting a baby any moment but I’m the one that’s nesting! I have been in a cleaning and decluttering frenzy lately and this morning I woke up with an insatiable desire to clean my laundry room… I know, who does that, right?  It must be the time change or something that knocked … Continue reading

Tablescapes, A Bunny Brunch

Springtime and Easter make me automatically think of having a lovely brunch… A delightful table for 2 In spring pastels of lavender, turquoise and pinks The bowls are set into painted grapevine wreaths, a half price Hobby Lobby find, I couldn’t resist the bright turquoise color of the wreaths… Of course I had to bring … Continue reading