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My daughter is expecting a baby any moment but I’m the one that’s nesting! I have been in a cleaning and decluttering frenzy lately and this morning I woke up with an insatiable desire to clean my laundry room…

laundry room

I know, who does that, right?  It must be the time change or something that knocked me wonky!

I must confess, it HIGHLY UNUSUAL for me to have a desire to clean any part of the house, much less the laundry room.  I really really really hate housework.  But I do love a clean and organized home so I am constantly battling  with myself…


I did not take before pictures….I know you’re screaming “What???? that’s no fun!” But I was so anxious to get started,  before I lost this unexplained motivation, that I had everything pulled out into the kitchen before I even thought of it!  This monster plastic shelf was the problem.  I have moved it about and wrestled with it for years, but this morning I yanked it outta there.


I also took all the purses that were hanging on one wall and dumped them in a pile, along with a few aprons.  You’ll have to take my word for it that the room was organized before, but it was so full and looked so cluttered with stuff hanging everywhere that you felt sorta claustrophobic.

laundry room 1

Now when you walk in, it feels spacious

laundry room 5

These stacking wire shelves replace the big plastic unit.  The mesh will not be the dust collectors the solid shelves were.  The solid bins are labeled and the plastic tubs are designated for delicates, colors and whites.  They slide right out for easy dumping into the washing machine.

laundry room 8

The shelves are tucked into the corner, out of the way but very accessible.

laundry room 4

These 2 large standing tubs are for towels and rags used for washing cars etc., one for clean towels and one for dirty towels and work clothes. The clean bin saves a lot of time folding, I can just dump in the clean towels straight from the dryer.  HH grabs them as he needs them.  The ironing board is built in behind the white door and the tubs easily slide out of the way when I iron.

laundry room 6

There’s hanging space under a shelf holding bins of extra hangers and other supplies.  The room is a bright golden yellow to keep things happy since there’s no window.

peaches and jars

The walls are decorated with bright artwork


to keep up my spirits


and the cabinets all have different funky knobs.

laundry room 7

This laundry room sign hangs above the machines.  I found it at Hobby Lobby last summer and thought it was so adorable.

laundry room 2

The lint/trash bucket sits on the sink corner because there is a large gap between the dryer and the wall.  The bucket prevents things falling into the abyss behind the machines.  I like having it off the floor too, one less thing to be in the way.

laundry room 1

A rechargeable vaccuum is tucked handily in the far corner and a fan sits on the countertop for hot flashes drying clothes,

laundry room teapot

and my sweet little washing machine teapot sits by the sink and collects loose change.

The best part is I spent no money! Zero, Zip, nada peso!  I stole the wire shelves from the garage where they were collecting dust and junk.  You know how one thing leads to another…I am now working on the storage space in the garage…I hope this new motivation lasts until I get finished!

In the meantime I am enjoying my large clean laundry room!

Thanks for taking the mini tour, I hope I have inspired you to clean or organize something!  Don’t you love the feeling you have when you’re finished?


“Peaches and Jams” watercolor and the “Fabric by the Yard” drawing are from JMdesigns Gallery


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6 Responses to “the Organized Life, Laundry Room”
  1. Love this laundry room! I totally understand not taking the before picture, I’m always so ready to get to work that I never take pictures! Love the labeled containers especially the lint bucket!

  2. This looks great Jenna! And it is always the best when you can do some re-organizing with no money spent and everything just feels and looks so much better! 🙂

  3. I love all the cute detail!! But had to laugh when I saw that even the bucket had a stencil on it “Lint”….very precious.

  4. How jealous am I that you have an entire laundry ROOM when I’m stuck with a lowly little laundry closet??!??!!! I LOVE to clean, and I need to do a thorough cleaning of my little closet instead of the usual tidying up I do in there once a week or so. You have inspired me, darling! I love the whimsy of the different knobs and the fun artwork! And you’re right…having those open more airy shelves makes a world of difference! Something else I love….you have NO carpeting on your stairs in the hallway!!! I would love that!!! Even it I could just have a carpet runner with bare wood on the sides…that would be better than the whole doggone thing being covered.

    Have a good weekend, sweet girl! 🙂

  5. WOW! This looks really great! I really need to do something about my laundry room. This is an inspiration!!! Thanks so much for sharing this at the FESTIVE FRIDAY FIESTA this week! Hope you’re having a wonderful week! =D

  6. Great looking laundry! Very organised 🙂 Easter greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

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