Tablescapes, Calamity Jane

I am lucky enough to be in the most beautiful spot on earth, as far as I am concerned, for many days during April-October.  I am grateful and I appreciate every moment.


Lately, things have been a little on the challenging side…


We have had a black cloud lurking overhead for a while now, bad karma, the wrong mo-jo, under a spell, jinxed, whatever you want to call it Lady Luck has vanished from the horizon and her evil twin,  Calamity Jane has taken her place


We have had so many things break in the past few months HH has gone from tears to a kind of hysterical laughter…it’s a little off putting...


Just to name a few, we have had to replace the entire A/C system, the garage door cables snapped, the washer & dryer died and had to be replaced , the microwave oven wouldn’t turn on, an engine blew on the boat, my car developed this charming habit of not starting.  This is in the past 3 months mind you.  3.  months.  Earlier this year we had to replace the ice maker, buy a new refrigerator and oh yeah, LIGHTNING STRUCK our sprinkler system and blew it up!  Blew up the pipes underground.  Come on, now that is bad luck!


I have remained calm though, you haven’t noticed any unusual strain in my words or photos right?  That might be slightly different today.  I am hanging by the proverbial thread.  We are supposed to be on vacation, relaxing, celebrating our anniversary.  My car won’t start.  Our boat is gone. We have each other.  Romantic? Not so much…


Yesterday I told HH that our luck had changed! I could just feel it! Things are working out just perfectly!!  But, alas, Calamity Jane wasn’t quite through…the service man called and said my car repair would be anywhere from $100-$5000.  What? Can you narrow that down?  The boat mechanic said whoops, no, we won’t be bringing your boat back tomorrow, it will be another 2 weeks.  What? They’ve already had it for 3!


He emailed a picture.  Have you EVER gotten a photo from your mechanic?  I thought not.


It is a photo of our boat in the shop, one of the motors is all over the work bench.  Not good.  Or cheap.  Like you could buy a new car not cheap.


It was actually THE day, our anniversary.  I decided not to tempt fate and told HH, let’s just stay here all day and enjoy.  Not that we had any choice, the only vehicle we had was a one man sail boat and there was no wind.


The pizza stuck to the pizza stone on the grill and looked like a dog’s breakfast when HH got it off, so we had a little champagne and antipasti


I got some martini glasses ready for HH, he might need a stronger libation


It’s good to be prepared for anything


just in case


you forget to stop and smell the roses


and appreciate the beauty all around you…


and besides we have a boat, it’s full of wine


and we can always look at the neighbor’s yacht


and nosh on some simple things


and be grateful…


We’ll be heading home to Birmingham on Sunday


If my car will start


so there’s nothing to worry about~

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.17.57 PM

Hurricane season won’t be in full force around here for several weeks yet!   Photo source

Thanks so much for your visit, there is never a bad day at the beach!


If luck will have it, I will be joining

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Alderberry Hill

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19 Responses to “Tablescapes, Calamity Jane”
  1. So sorry to hear about the mechanical woes!!

    I love that cutting board and the food looks wonderful! My kind of meal.

    Happy Weekend! May Calamity Jane stay away!

  2. My My MY….you have been hit hard my friend!!! Good grief, they say things come in threes but I think for you nines!! I just love your personality,talent and this blog….You are still loved and that is the MOST important thing. Safe travels!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh when it rains it pours! Maybe this will be all for a while and you’ll have smooth sailing the rest of the year-pun intended

  4. Kim Hood says:

    Rather than stuff happening in threes…well, I lost count. Whew! It’s time for some heavy praying, girl! Maybe look at it this way: Now that you’ve gotten all the troubles out of the way, it should be smooth sailing from here on in! (I know. That was corny.)

    I enjoyed your post very much! Why? Because it lets us know that others have troubled times, too, and look what an example you’ve been through it. No complaining or venting all these weeks, or whining. You’re a Steele Magnolia, my friend. 🙂

    You set an adorable table to appreciate and be thankful for – great looking food, too. (BTW, I didn’t know you call your man HH, like I do. Where have I been?) And, please, no more talk about hurricanes, OK? There’s that thing called Murphy’s Law, you know! 😉

    Anniversary Blessings to you both!

  5. laurie says:

    Talk about when it rains it pours! Just when I started to think, “ok, that’s the end of the bad luck, you’d tell about another disaster! I’m sure Lady Luck will show up soon. You have had enough of Calamity Jane to last a lifetime. You are enjoying beautiful weather and gorgeous views though. I love that tile top on your server, and great cheese board. The boat wine caddy is so much fun. I hope you’re anniversary celebration was fun. At least you have each other to hang on to in the rough waters. laurie

  6. FABBY says:

    What a wonderful post, even though you’ve had mechanical issues, my friend. and many other ‘CalamitiesI Hope things are better soon sweet lady! love the cutting board and all the elements here to evoke a post by the sea. Can’t beat the gorgeous sorroundings at least! Adorable boat wine caddy too. Thanks for your sweet and kind visit. Hope you have a better weekend.

  7. Mary says:

    Jenna, I had to chuckle at your humorous take on your bad luck. Boats are a hole in the water you throw money in. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the muskrats don’t make a buffet out of our hydraulics for the third time. A boat full of wine does seem to lessen the pain 🙂 The view is beautiful and the sun is shining there I see, hurray for the simple pleasures! Happy Anniversary to you!

    • I read your comment to my husband and he almost smiled! Ha! I am running out of ways to keep things cheery around here, now his knee is infected from a scrape from a bike fall and our contractor found a leak under the house! You’re right though the sun IS shining!

  8. Oh my, sorry to hear about your challenges! Just know that better days will be ahead! Enjoy your vacation!

  9. You poor woman! Holy cow, your getting hit on all sides…Since you’ve been so sweet and sent us all some wonderful pictures of your view, I will definitely send you some good will and my prayers.

    You deserve it 🙂

  10. I love that you are taking time, in the midst of it all, to stop and smell the roses. Your vignette is very inviting. Love the wine bottle holding boat.

    Wonderful to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  11. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Oh my word, what can possibly happen next. You still have created such a fabulous tablescape, I hope you enjoy the wine, you definitely need a break. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  12. Cheri says:

    Not that I have much to spare – but I’m sending you a little luck. Pay it forward…and best of luck for a brighter, less hectic and less problematic tomorrow. From your northern neighbor in Huntsville, AL

  13. Hi, I do hope that things change for you and get better. Take care.
    Julie from

  14. Hope this isn’t a tad bit crazy…looks like you have a house in my old neighborhood…Ono Island…we also had a condo at Winddrift (on Ole River)…sold both of them a few years ago. Love the view you have:)


    • I wish you were still there Linda! We are on Ono, on the west end near the bridge~ I never get to Mobile but would love to see your shop space. We are going to be there for a week in October, hopefully I can come by for a visit and some shopping! So nice to hear from you, Jenna

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