Creations, Chalk Pens

Anything chalkboard has taken over these days, but I was a reluctant fan… they can look messy and I don’t like the smudge factor.  There must be a better way I thought, and there is!


I ordered these from, but I’m sure they are widely available.  I couldn’t wait to give them a try

chalk pen art

This is so much more fun than struggling with a piece of chalk! If you want to add a more chalk-like look, you can add some touches with real chalk

chalk pen

Just outline some of the letters and shapes with the wide side of your chalk or pastel.


uh oh… I had a feeling it might be hard to remove~

I  did experiment with removing this chalk pen ink from  chalkboard tags, that I used for napkin rings   and was very successful.  Sometimes the surface composition will make a difference in how the medium reacts to it.

chalk pen napkin ring

I read online that ammonia based cleaners, like Windex, would work,  and with a little hard rubbing it faded away!


Time to try something new!

chalk pen board

This is really lots of fun!

Valentine chalk board

I am looking forward to finding lots of ways to use these Chalk Pens!

everything seasoning

They are great for chalkboard labels, like this one for Everything Seasoning, you get the look without the smear factor!


A spot for the manly cookbooks on the baker’s rack, is labeled for the chefs around here to find quickly~

valentine board

Release your inner doodler!


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23 Responses to “Creations, Chalk Pens”
  1. Great colors and they look like fun! Might even make writing on my pig easier:@)

  2. lulu says:

    I may be the only person left who doesn’t have a chalkboard. Oh wait, I just remembered I have a little candle with a top that can be written on with chalk. Does that count?

  3. This is so creative and thank you for it! I haven’t fallen into the chalk craze for the same reasons as you.. it’s messy and smudges. But this opens new worlds for me 🙂 Chalk pens, here I come!

  4. Mary says:

    Jenna, I’ve seen those pens and wondered about them for my door. I was afraid that I make too many mistakes to use them and would have to erase more than I penned 🙂 I love the crisp lines but I like the texture chalk leaves too. I love the idea of using them in tandem. Love ♥ your cute lettering!

  5. Sarah says:

    Jenna, this is a timely post for me. I was just looking for chalk paint pens yesterday. All I could find were the large broad pens. Do you know if they come in a finer point? I’m going to make some chalkboard tops for heart boxes I’m using for favors. The boxes are just a few inches across and I want to write names on them. Any suggestions?
    Your handwriting is fabulous, by the way. Fun, fun, fun.

  6. realcoake says:

    Thanks for the ammonia tip. I have a chalkboard pen and hadn’t figured out how to get it removed completely.

  7. So good to learn about neat things. I don’t have a chalkboard either but I want one. Your free hand font is so nice. I am afraid I didn’t get the artistic gene.
    I still want some of us Alabama bloggers to get together.

  8. Ann k says:

    Thanks for the tip on the pens!! I have tried a couple of different paint pens but haven’t been too thrilled with any of them! Your sign looks great with the mix of real chalk and the pens!

  9. Holy Flip! I love these!! Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House! Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  10. Hi! I’m visiting via A Stroll Thru Life’s Inspire Me Tuesdays. Thanks so much for the info about the chalk pens–they’ll make things so much easier 🙂 Hope the rest of your week is great, Diana

  11. Oh, yeah…I’ll be looking for these bad boys! I have lots of different chalkboards, and real chalk just ain’t hittin’ it for me. I’ll give these a cautious try. I say “cautious” because I KNOW I don’t want to have to spend time putting elbow grease into getting it off the board.

    Great idea! Thanks for passing it along, Jenna!

  12. Tracy says:

    Hey Jenna!

    Thanks for stopping in and linking up with us! The chalk pens are such a great idea, I love how your boards turned out. Have a great week, Tracy – the middle sister

  13. hollybertone says:

    Hi Jenna – I’ve tried chalk pens in the past and they didn’t work for me very well. Maybe it was a bad batch but you have given me new hope to try again. Thank you for your support! Hugs, Holly

  14. gaylek70 says:

    Could you post a picture of the table setting you used with the chalk place card? I have the same pottery and I am always looking for new color combos.

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