The Organized Life, March Paint Bucket

Can you believe it’s March already? Yea Spring is almost here!  Time for a new bucket list of recipes~ I never make everything on the list and try to leave lots of room for variation and adaptation depending on what’s going on.  The February list really helped me make some wonderful things and pushed me … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Healthy Homemade Velveeta

Velvetta is one of those things that people have a love-hate relationship with, kinda like cream of mushroom soup… If you are  a foodie, you wouldn’t be caught dead with the stuff… But, you know you love the comforting creaminess it adds to certain dishes So you’re torn But I shamelessly admit that I love … Continue reading

Creations, Birthday Cake Table Runner

If you are expecting a great sewing tutorial I will have to preface this post with a disclosure… yes, I can sew, sort of…I pretty much stumble bumble my way through… so while I AM going to show and tell  you as best I can how to make this pretty cake, you are going to … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Guy’s Pizza Dough & French Pig Pizza

This recipe comes from Food Network Star Guy Fieri, who not only oozes personality, but has some lip smacking good recipes!  My foodie son, HHjr was whipping this dough up for us one day and I became an instant fan when I saw how effortless it was~ I have experimented with lots of pizza doughs … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Rock Star Roasted Vegetables

These vegetables are so good and so easy, I’m sharing 2 recipes today, Parmesan Roasted Green Beans and Roasted Fennel with Brussel Sprouts, Shallot and Bacon salt These recipes are so embarrassingly simple, I don’t even have many photos for you~ Both versions are just a matter of prepping the vegetables and putting them on … Continue reading

Home Decor, Mardi Gras

I came home from the coast last weekend with a raging case of Mardi Gras fever I was about popping out of my skin to make a wreath I already had made a centerpiece for the foyer table and decided to see what I could find on a little trip to Hobby Lobby.  Now they … Continue reading

Party Panache, Snow Capped White Russian Cookie Parfaits

To celebrate the Olympic winter games wind down, I made some Snow Capped White Russian Cookie Parfaits This dessert looks all fancy schmancy but shhhhhhhhh, it only takes mere minutes to make I bought this little pack of White Russian cocktails when the Olympics began thinking they would be fun to sip on during the … Continue reading

Creations, Pot o’ Gold Tree

Before last year, I didn’t pay much attention to this March holiday I’ve had the usual green beer and pinches on St. Patty’s Day But last year I got something better than gold~ My granddaughter was born, an angel from heaven that we could all hold! A pot of Easter grass and ribbon from Christmas… … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Dixie Mac & Cheese Poppers

Just to show you that Spring is coming~ The days are longer and the skies are blue Girls are donning spring dresses And it’s time to BBQ! We did head to the Gulf coast last week to escape the snow and have a little family fun over the Valentine/President’s Day weekend, and the first thing … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Easy Breezy BBQ Sauce

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is in New York City, but it is all about BBQ, southern style.  Current restaurant owner Josh Lebowitz, says in his cookbook, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, “In the South, barbeque represents more than a juicy pulled pork shoulder sandwich; barbeque below the Mason-Dixon line was always about celebration.”  Before there was tailgating there … Continue reading