Recipe Box, Berry Cheesecake Galette

This has been a stressful week The weather forecast was for a maybe a light dusting of snow on Tuesday, but no accumulation or travel problems We got 3 inches This was “the little dusting” 2 days later when we shoveled the driveway…so we could get my car out… to go get HH’s car, which … Continue reading

Party Panache, Popcorn Bar

This is an idea for an easy Super Bowl Bash but it’s also a party that would be great for any occasion and all ages~tailgating, birthday party, wedding,~ and guests will have a ball making their personal snack mix! I went to Walmart and loaded up on toppings and goodies it was a great excuse … Continue reading

Tablescapes, White Romance and a Menu

Valentines Day doesn’t have to mean red or pink White is probably the most romantic color of all Weddings, white sand, new fallen snow… speaking of new fallen snow…  it wasn’t supposed to snow today, maybe just a light dusting they said…. And we already have over 2 inches.  This city is shut down.  It’s … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Slow Cooker Marco Polo Lasagna with Spinach and Artichokes

I admit, I have been skeptical about making lasagna in a slow cooker As I was making this I kept adding more ingredients, sort of like insurance, to make this extra tasty in case it turned into a masterpiece mess But it didn’t! It actually worked! It looked like lasagna! And it smelled amazing while … Continue reading

Party Panache, Gearing up for Mardi Gras!

People along the Gulf Coast are very serious about Mardi Gras.  You might be surprised to learn that the very first Mardi Gras celebrations were in Mobile, Alabama, not New Orleans~ Decorations go up on King’s day Jan. 6, 12 days after Christmas, the feast of the Epiphany.  It celebrates the three kings, bringing their … Continue reading

Home Decor, Decisions to make~

We’re on the coast this weekend, checking on the little remodel Things are moving along I did a quick look around and then had to enjoy the magical light just before sundown Our porch is my very favorite place to be.  It was cold but the wind had stopped and the water was glass Just … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Vegetable Ravioli with Italian Sausage and Basil Cream

The men around here like meat and potatoes, seriously The other day HHjr showed up with this beef brisket, his eyes were sparkling like Santa on Christmas~ “Isn’t that an awful lot of meat just for us?”  Silly me “Oh no Mom, we can eat it all weekend and I’ll make sandwiches for work next … Continue reading

Recipe Box, Pimento Cheese Cookies with Strawberry Icing

Have you started thinking about Valentine’s Day yet? I am in such a hurry to get rid of January that I did some decorating to speed things along February is such a happy month, January blues are gone, Spring is on the horizon It’s time to get out your pink feather boa and make some … Continue reading

Party Panache, Wine Tasting Party

This is such a fun and easy party to throw~You can be as formal or as informal as you like… I decided to use the dining room so we could all have a seat and make notes of our favorites Each place is set with a “place mat” of white freezer paper and a pen … Continue reading

Take-out Tuesday, Lightened up Mac & Cheese

Have you ever made no boil macaroni and cheese~you know where you don’t cook the pasta first?  Well I have a great recipe for that but it’s full of fat and calories so I wanted to see if it would work in a lighter version. The original recipe, No Boil Mac & Cheese calls for … Continue reading